SE Controls products integrate with smoke control system at New CCI office in Durban

Specialist OS2 SHEVTEC controllers, manual control point switches and more than 60 chain actuators from SE Controls Africa have been installed as an integral part of the smoke control system at CCI South Africa’s new 13 000m² office building at Umhlanga Ridge.

cci offices in durban with smoke ventilation from se controls

Overseen by property developer JT Ross, the new building was designed by Paton Taylor Architects and constructed by WBHO for international call centre and group, CCI, who provide outsourced contact services to global brands in the telecoms and financial sectors. The building’s contemporary glass and steel design include five floors, a roof terrace and ground floor amenities together with a multi-level parking garage.


The building’s smoke control system covers the open plan office areas on levels one to four and is designed to keep escape routes clear of smoke and enable the 2,000 staff to leave the building quickly and safely if a fire occurs.


In the event of a fire, automatic window vents open to allow hot air and smoke to vent from the building, using the thermal stacking principle. To enable the maximum volume of smoke to be vented, the hot air is replaced by fresh ‘make-up’ air that enters the building using separate vents that are operated by the SE Controls actuators and OS2 SHEVTEC controllers. These are linked to each floor and triggered by the fire detection system.


To control the vents, 60 SECO Ni 24 40 Single chain actuators and two SECO Ni 24 40 Twin chain actuators were installed, which are controlled by six OS2 SHEVTEC controllers and operate immediately when a fire is detected.


The SECO actuators are tested and compliant with the relevant EN12101 standards for use with automated vents in smoke control systems and SE Controls also provided specialist input on product specifications, as well as technical support to the project.

cci office building facade in durban with smoke control systems from se controls

Further information on SE Controls’ products, solutions and projects can be obtained by visiting or calling +27 31 466 1857.


Smoke Ventilation Equipment Manufacturer: SE Controls Africa

Smoke Ventilation Contractor:  Thermal Rising (Pty) Ltd

Architect: Paton Taylor Architects

Main Contractor: WBHO

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