SE Controls Africa on show at Securex 2018

SE Controls Africa (SECAF) is exhibiting key products from its extensive range of smoke control, environmental ventilation and window automation solutions at this year’s Securex fire and security trade show, which takes place between 22nd and 24th May at the Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

SE Controls to display smoke and ventilation solutions at Securex 2018The show, which is celebrating its 25th year in 2018, is recognised as one of the leading exhibitions serving the security and fire sectors in South Africa, which made it a perfect match for Durban-based SECAF, who have taken a 12 stand space at this key industry exhibition.

Among the products being displayed by the company are the SECO Ni 24 25 and SECO Ni 24 40 chain actuators; OS2 SHEVTEC Controller; OSLoop Co-ordinator and compact Manual Control Point (MCP) units, as well as the NVLogiQ™ Room Controller.

SECAF Marketing Manager, Sonja du Toit, commented: “Securex is a core exhibition for us, as it enables us to show our products and solutions to a wide range of businesses and key people within the fire safety and security industry. We have been particularly successful in developing the business over the last eight years and want to maintain this momentum by building new associations, as well as reinforcing existing relationships by showing our latest products.”

SE Controls Africa – Product Information

SE Controls to display smoke and ventilation solutions at Securex 2018SECO Ni 24 25 chain actuators

The compact SECO Ni 24 25 chain actuators are being displayed in both single and twin chain versions to show their versatility and suitability for use in environmental applications. The SECO Ni 24 25 actuators are CE marked, operate on a 24 Volt dc supply and have been tested to 15,000 cycles.

SECO Ni 24 40 chain actuators

SECO Ni 24 40 chain actuators are also being shown in single and twin chain versions and can be used in both smoke control and environmental applications. They are CE marked and operate on a 24 Volt dc supply and have been tested to 15,000 cycles.

The actuators are also certified and tested in accordance with the harmonised EN12101-2 standard, making them suitable for use in smoke ventilation systems.

OS2 SHEVTEC Controller

The OS2 Controller is an intelligent 24V dc control system designed to drive 2-wire 24V dc actuators in both smoke control and environmental ventilation systems.

Operating from a 230V ac 5A supply, the OS2 SHEVTEC Controller can deliver up to 8A, enabling it to drive 24V motorised actuators and magnetic catches and incorporates battery backup to allow effective operation if the mains supply should fail. The OS2 SHEVTEC Controller is CE Marked and tested in accordance with EN12101-10. The system can be expanded further by linking additional 30A PSUs together to accommodate large current requirements.

OSLoop Co-ordinator

The OSLoop Co-ordinator is a modular smoke control product that enables the centralised coordination and control up to 15 remotely mounted manual control points (MCPs), while also allowing larger systems to be created, controlling up to 64 MCPs, by linking multiple OSLoop Co-ordinators.

The Co-ordinator controls power and data to the networked system, fully monitoring primary (mains) and secondary (battery) power supplies, while also intelligently monitoring system current requirements and determining how and when the MCPs require power to activate automatic opening vents (AOV).

Manual Control Point

The MCP is designed to allow the Fire & Rescue Service to manually override the smoke control system through a user-friendly interface. The design includes an open button and a close/reset button, which are accessed by lifting the clear front door.

The MCP contains actuator switching circuitry that also monitors actuator cabling and circuitry for any faults, while providing fault monitoring and support for one or more smoke detectors and cabling.

NVLogiQ™ Room Controller

NVLogiQ constantly monitors indoor air quality (IAQ), including carbon dioxide levels, temperature and humidity in individual rooms or zones and uses innovative control algorithms to automatically manage the operation of ventilation and heating systems to optimise IAQ, thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

The compact room controller can be used to monitor individual rooms which provides a highly versatile solution that also allows remote monitoring and data logging solutions.

By linking NVLogiQ room controllers to dedicated PSUs, the system can take full control over the automatic operation of windows, louvres, rooflights and other powered vents, in conjunction with heating and cooling systems to provide an energy efficient integrated IAQ solution.

Visit SE Controls in Hall 2, Stand A10.

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