SE Controls keeps shoppers safe at Johannesburg's new Mall of the South

The smoke ventilation system at Johannesburg’s recently opened Mall of the South shopping centre is using SE Controls’ window automation, vents and control panel solutions to ensure it operates perfectly in the event of a fire, allowing smoke-free escape routes to be maintained for shoppers and staff.

Designed by Vivid Architects, the 1.8 billion Rand development provides more than 150 stores and restaurants, covering fashion, jewellery and electronics, as well as a wide range of other luxury goods within the 65, complex, which also has parking for 3,000 vehicles.

Due to the large open plan areas within the mall and the high volumes of people, effective smoke ventilation is essential to ensure escape routes are kept clear if a fire should occur. As a result, the system uses 62 Curvent International vents and 20 x SE Controls’ SECO N 24 40 twin chain actuators, as well as 12 x 24 Volt dc OS2 controls panels and 8 x manual control point (MCP) switches.

Working closely with smoke control specialist, Curvent International, the system, which also uses roof mounted fans to help vent smoke from the mall, is controlled centrally by a repeater panel located in the main security office to provide additional safety and peace of mind.

In the event of a fire, the mall’s smoke sensors trigger SE Controls’ EN12101-10:2003 compliant control panels and chain actuators to automatically open the window and ventilators, allowing smoke to be vented to assist escape. Manual Controls Point (MCP) switches are also incorporated within the design to allow manual actuation of the system.

SE Controls keeps shoppers safe at Johannesburg new Mall of the South copy

Smoke Ventilation Equipment Manufacturer: SE Controls Africa
Smoke Ventilation Manufacturer & Contractor: Curvent International
Fire Consultants: Trevor Williams Consulting Engineers (TWCE)
Client: Zenprop Properties Holdings
Architect: Vivid Architects

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