Sealing success - Secret tools to waterproofing

A nationwide product rollout, including all the marketing elements of a successful campaign is what ultimately secured the successful introduction of Sikalastic-560 to the market.

Sealed with success 

Sika is a global leader in the fields of construction and DIY, producing products and systems of cutting-edge innovation, advanced technology, and steadfast quality. With over 110 years’ experience, Sika offers a trusted range of roofing and waterproofing products that have been tried and tested. Designing an entire watertight building, from the basement to the roof, entails the development of solutions for a wide range of applications – solutions that can be installed practically and provide permanent protection. It also means assuring the watertightness of working joints and movement joints.

sikalastic 5l waterproofing system

It is never easy to launch a new product, even if it is a user-friendly, quality product. 

In 2016, Sika SA launched a new premium waterproofing system, Sikalastic-560. Suitable for new construction and refurbishments on roofs, its main use is waterproofing, to increase the life cycle of roofs with less maintenance required.

Initially consumers remained dependable on the entry level acrylic waterproofing systems and old technology torch-on bitumen systems, so a focused strategy was implemented in the second half of 2021.

A national rollout in stores, POS stands and roadshows, together with product training and demos to demonstrate how incredible the added benefits are with a more premium waterproofing system is what it took to successfully launch the new system. 

The most favourable benefits of Sikalastic-560 are that it is applied over existing torch-on / bitumen systems, a more sustainable technology versus the bitumen technology and the Sikalastic-560 white acting as a cool roof solution lowering overall energy costs of the house. Resulting from the acquired consumer trust in the Sikalastic-560 product, this strategy reached an 80% increase in Sikalastic®-560 sales from 2020 to 2021.

Sika history 

Sika prides itself on a complete, versatile range of high-quality products for all waterproofing solutions, with expertise backing of over 110 years. For homeowners and small DIY jobs, to major construction projects, Sika’s waterproofing range is relevant, user-friendly and durable. Sika’s quality waterproofing products include the go to Sika RainTite Kit, the contractors’ professional range – Sealoflex Professional, SikaBit Torch-on and Sika BlackSeal Lastic and the cream of the crop Sikalastic-560. 

// Sika prides itself on a complete, versatile range of high-quality products for all waterproofing solutions //

Stamp of approval 

More so than ever, customers are looking for guaranteed quality to do the job right, the first time. A non-biased success story can always be gleaned from the ‘proof in the pudding’ concept. The exponential sales, customer feedback and repeat usage of Sikalastic-560 are testament to its consumer-respected quality and its ideal traits as a genuine solution. 

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