Securing Glass Doors, Safely

Securing glass doors safely - New glass range by ASSA AbloyThe new glass range from ASSA ABLOY is extensive, with a solution for virtually every type of glass door application. The range comprises systems for sliding glass doors; locksets and hinges; locks and patch fittings; floor springs and door closers; door knobs and handles and access control. The products have been designed and engineered to complement both the efficient functionality as well as the aesthetics of glass door systems.

This European-designed range of glass solutions is manufactured in accordance with stringent European EN test standards for durability, safety and robustness. All manufacturing also complies with ISO 14001 environmental management systems and ASSA ABLOY’s strict green footprint.

The three products in the sliding glass door range include the ultra-compact Slice 60 system which is ideal for home interiors, a cushioned movement system for increased safety and comfort (Slice Automove) and a concealed sliding system (Magic Slide). All these systems have passed severe testing that consists of more than 100 000 cycles.

The wide range of locksets and hinges are quick to assemble and easy to install and discreetly fit a variety of glass door applications.

The unobtrusive floor springs and door closers are available for light, medium and heavy doors and feature adjustable force settings. A very light duty setting can be selected to provide safe, easy access for children (schools) or the elderly (retirement homes).

Glass door access control and security monitoring is also possible with ASSA ABLOY’s digital access control systems which offer a wide selection of functionalities.

There is also an extensive range of doorknobs and handles. All the products are available in a vast range of finishes, from metallic silver and gold plated to polished varnished brass and lacquered white.

The ASSA ABLOY Group owes its global leadership standing as a door opening solutions specialist to a collection of high quality brands. Over the past 20 years, the company has focused on joint ventures and acquisitions of famous brands like UNION and also continues to invest heavily in research and development. “These strategies ensure that we remain at the forefront of cutting-edge door opening technologies to be able to offer our customers the very best end-to-end solutions with our latest product offering for glass door systems serving as a prime example,” says ASSA ABLOY South Africa’s Vice President for Commercial Sales, Quintin Boukan.

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