Boost skin cell respiration with Luceane

Cell oxygenation, healthy skin, a holistic beauty routine, biotechnology and traditional practices, Luceane – the new active ingredient from Sederma – meets various consumer expectations.

Luceane™ is inspired by the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) Qi concept relating to the circulation of skin’s vital energy as well as by new contemporary beauty salon oxygen therapy practices.

The active ingredient from Sederma counteracts hypoxiageing™ by stimulating and protecting cell respiration and energy production. It also induces micropollutant removal within the cells, invigorates cellular metabolisms and reinforces skin’s holobiont. It slows down the ageing process by five years after just one month* of application, resulting in a reduction of skin fatigue signs and skin radiance improvement.

 * Clinical test performed on 54 volunteers during a two-month application of a serum containing 3% Luceane, compared to a placebo (Images: Sederma)

Sustainable skincare active

Luceane is a bioactive saccharide extract obtained by biofermentation of a Pseudoalteromonas strain, isolated from a Bahamian candelabra-type octocoral. The Bahamas is known for its cleanest and clearest ocean waters as well as for its minimal air pollution.

Luceane is of 100% natural origin and easily biodegradable, with full degradation after 28 days. It is produced via a highly sustainable manufacturing process with complete waste recovery, complies with Chinese regulatory standards and is RSPO certified.

Key points on Luceane:

  • Eco-designed active ingredient obtained by biofermentation.
  • 100% natural origin content.
  • Combats skin cell pollution and hypoxiageing™ to reduce skin fatigue and improve radiance.
  • Inspired by holistic beauty routines and traditional medicine.

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