Seven tempting beauty formulas by Seppic

At in-cosmetics Global, Seppic launched seven stunning skincare, hair care, nutri-cosmetic, and makeup formulations based on the seven temptations.

A woman holding an apple of temptation (Image: Seppic)

Who has never fallen into a temptation? Envy, gluttony, greed or pride are a few of the many temptations that surround people in daily life. With its Beautiful Temptations collection, Seppic gives consumers a good reason to be tempted.

The collection is inspired by seven temptations, transforming them into innovative and sensorial skincare, hair care, nutri-cosmetic, and makeup formulations, which positively address current trends shaping the beauty market.

Water-wise hair wax satisfies greed as a translucent cleansing and caring anhydrous balm, answering the waterless beauty trend. Saving water and keeping costs low, it cleanses and nourishes hair and scalp, thanks to Seppic’s new hair care ingredient XYLISHINE™ C. It also demonstrates proof of efficacy in easy rinsability and hair manageability.

Lazy daily gel-cream is a 99.1% natural origin (according to ISO 16128) light yet nourishing 3-in-1 cream gel formulated for the desire of sloth. In line with the skinimalism trend, this formulation saves time by replacing an entire daily routine with no compromise on efficacy, thanks to its multifunctional and multi-benefit ingredients.

Tension relieving massage balm is a jelly balm inspired by the neurocosmetics trend. Thanks to its composition which is rich in feel-good ingredients, such as SEPIBLISS™ FEEL, and its long playtime, it will help soothe even wrath.

Velvet caress cream, inspired by lust and matching the sensory beauty trend, is a thick white cold processable emulsion, which melts on skin to bring comfort and reveal a silky touch.

The seven formulas in the Beautiful Temptations collection (Image: Seppic)

Bold jelly highlighter is an aqueous gel with a high content of glitters. The product spreads easily on skin and is suspended by a smart combination of polymers, SEPIMAX™ ZEN and SOLAGUM™ AX. Encompassing the pride of youth, this serum highlighter brings an audacious and dramatic look, revealing a holographic effect under light.

Appealing transformative masks consist of two colourful face masks that draw inspiration from envy and meet the playful beauty trend. Eye-catching and fun, the blue aqueous gel can be used alone as a mask or mixed with the pink concentrated oil, revealing an unexpected purplish cream that offers a second mask option.

Yummy gummies are jelly food supplements with skincare benefits which satisfy gluttony while answering the nutricosmetic trend. These gummies are formulated with CERAMOSIDES™, which are oral vegetal ceramides.

Join Seppic at in-cosmetics Global 2024 in Paris at stand 2D50, or visit Seppic’s website more information. Seppic’s ingredients and formulation technologies are available in South Africa from CJP Chemicals.

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