Seppic's Emogreen HP 40 offers a sustainable alternative to silicones

After many years of research and conscious innovation, Seppic has launched Emogreen HP 40 at in-cosmetics Global. The introduction of this bio-based emollient comes at a significant time when the sustainability profile and performance of ingredients are increasingly being challenged.

Emogreen HP 40 is a versatile texturising ingredient and highly compatible in formulation design. This newcomer from Seppic extends the highly-pure and sustainable Emogreen range of emollients. Obtained using a patented process, Emogreen HP 40 is a textured and slightly viscous emollient.

A generic image of a model covered in gold dust

It offers an effective and sustainable alternative to heavy silicones, mineral oils and other synthetic emollients. Emogreen HP 40 is 100% plant-based, patented and inherently biodegradable, offering brands and manufacturers a formulation technology with a more virtuous environmental footprint.

The new emollient imparts film-forming properties with a smooth enveloping and supple after-feel and no tacky effect. This outstanding multifaceted capacity will significantly enhance the efficacy and preferred performance of any type of cosmetic application, from skin care and makeup to sun care.

Exciting thermal protection performance

The thermal protection performance* of this emollient is something to be acknowledged by brand owners, manufacturers and end-users of hair care products. Emogreen HP 40 offers the same sensory and application benefits of silicones such as dimethicone, dimethiconol, cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol, but without their greasy and sticky sensation drawbacks.

It also helps to preserve the keratin structure of hair during thermal treatment in order to maintain its health and to protect it. The emollient offers additional performance benefits such as anti-frizz, volume control and easy combing – all of which have been demonstrated as a result of the product’s substantivity on the hair fibre and its ability to smoothen hair scales.

Augmenting sustainable formulation design

Available in South Africa from CJP Chemicals, this multifunctional ingredient is highly compatible with other formulation ingredients, it is easy to use and cold processable. With this launch, Seppic consolidates its position as a socially and environmentally responsible supplier to the hair care industry.

Jennifer Fryscher, Seppic’s emollients product manager, comments: “Emogreen HP 40 widens the field of possibilities for responsible and sustainable formulation design in the hair care industry, addressing demands in terms of efficacy and custom-made care.”

*assessment of the thermal protection of Emogreen HP 40 alone and in formulation via the measurement of keratin deterioration by Xpolar technology (Kmax Innovative System) on healthy Caucasian hair after 50 passes of heat treatment at 210°C.

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