Signea Systeme celebrates 23 years of printing solutions

This year, Signea Systeme is celebrating 23 years of service to the coding and marking industry.

The company was founded in 1999, by Pieter and Gerhard Neuhoff, and it has grown in leaps and bounds since the first EBS 6000 printer was sold in South Africa. Over the years several new ranges of equipment have been added to its product base and, today, the company has a team of 23 people with the head office in Johannesburg and branches in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban, Eastern Cape and Harare with representation in other major African countries.

Maintenance personnel are fully informed and properly trained on the complete range of coding equipment at its in-house training facility. Technicians are also sent for regular training by the equipment manufacturers.

Mark your words

SCP Small Character Printer the EBS 6000 Series

Better known as CIJ (continuous ink-jet) printer.

Intelligent  technology

For the first time – a Continuous Ink Jet Printer with a built-in, automatic, intelligent power system – absolutely crucial for reliable printer operation in case of power failures, should the power be interrupted for less than 30 seconds, the printer continues operating. If the supply is cut off for more than 30 seconds, the printer starts the automatic shutdown procedure, including rinsing, to protect the tubes from dried ink deposits. As soon as the power is restored the printer is again operational with a one button procedure.

The UPS power supply contains very long-lasting “Super Charging Mill – spec Capacitors”, not a conventional battery operated ups that will only last a year. Charging takes only around 2 minutes and you are ready for the next power failure. The Ups power supply is available as standard in all machines sold in Southern Africa

The CIJ printer with the lowest power consumption –19Watt – in the world! Smart procurement will see this as beneficial, as some CIJ printers use 300Watt and more.

Via the portal “” you can access the settings of the printer desktop from anywhere in the world. The system is optionally available.

The EBS 6600 is truly an intelligent machine for intelligent producers.

EBS 6600

HSA JET MiniTouch MT-HP4

Also known as TIJ(thermal inkjet)

The printer uses HP ink technology, combined with HP Printing

high-quality, high resolution on most substrates.  Flexible-choose from 12mm – 50mm print height print at speeds of up to 300m/min in 300×150 dpi. Numbers, fixed text, multiple fonts, counter, date & time, barcodes, real-time printing. This little printer revolutionised the pharmaceutical industry and is a leader in its own right. Signea keep 3000+ cartridges in stock at any time to keep more than 600 print heads running for every possible application.

Laser Printers

Also known as Steered beam lasers

Signea ViiJet C30W and F30W

Signea C30W and F30W are compact, versatile and highly reliable for applications such as parts marking and unique identification coding on: metal, plastics, PET, HDPE & other hard to mark materials. The system allows you to print crystal clear codes on the fly at 2500 characters a second, or static marking.

LCP Large Character Printer the EBS 1500 Series

Better known as DOD (dot on demand) printer

EBS 2500

High resolution Ink-Jet Printer.

Active printing height: 3 to 71mm

State of the art, all-in-one system for high quality prints on all porous surfaces.

EBS 1500 Piezo Electric Print Head

High resolution print on porous material that includes readable barcodes, logos with one to five lines of print varying from 5mm 48mm.

The controller can accommodate eight heads in any combination of EM and Piezo heads.

EBS 250 Hand Jet Electro Magnetic

Designed to be flexible. This hand held, battery driven printer is no bigger than a portable drill, and can print on any product, anywhere. Programming allows messages to be sent to the printer at a distance of 50 meters from the production office PC, via the supplied BlueTooth interface and software. This little unit is a must for any production environment.

EBS 230 Electro Magnetic

If an on-line LCP printer is required to print basic codes like production date, expiry dates and other alpha-numeric codes, this unit will increment your dates and time until your new message is downloaded from your pc. No operator errors!

Cost per print is less than the outdated and obsolete stamp rollers.

Italora Print and Apply

Also known as Direct thermal (DT) or Thermal transfer (TTO).

Italora BH53

Label Printers and Print&Apply systems with Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Technology. Designed for harsh industrial environment and heavy duty applications, Italora’s products ensure durability and reliability, continuous operation and low maintenance.

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This year, Signea Systeme is celebrating 20 years of service to the coding and marking industry.
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