Sika advancing waterproofing solutions through new acquisition

Following the global acquisition and Sika South Africa having recently acquired Index Construction Systems, a renowned manufacturer in roofing and waterproofing systems, Sika South Africa has exclusively integrated Index bitumen systems into its portfolio, catering to various waterproofing applications, including flat roofs, decorative surfaces, below-ground installations, and green roofs.

Training session for waterproofing systems, torch applied membrane.
Index training session – Cape Town

The synergy between Sika and Index Construction Systems has been nothing short of remarkable, positioning the combined entity to excel in the competitive construction industry. With a legacy of delivering high- quality bitumen products, Index brings an invaluable addition to Sika’s already extensive range of construction materials. This strategic acquisition is set to benefit customers in South Africa and across the world by providing them with top-notch waterproofing solutions.

Since the integration of Index bitumen systems on January 1, 2023, Sika South Africa has taken proactive steps to showcase its commitment to customer service excellence. A key highlight has been the organisation of extensive Index training sessions held across five key cities in South Africa, namely KwaZulu-Natal, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Gauteng, and Bloemfontein. These sessions served as a testament to the dedication of Sika’s regional teams in cultivating robust relationships with valued customers.

One of the most striking aspects of these training events was the resounding response from customers. The impressive turnout spoke volumes about the trust that Sika South Africa has nurtured within the industry. It was an opportunity for Sika’s team to engage with customers face-to-face, listen to their needs, and educate them about the exceptional Index bitumen range and correct application methods. Throughout the training sessions, Sika’s teams showcased their expertise, innovation, and unwavering commitment to product excellence.

As we move forward into this exciting chapter of growth and innovation, Sika South Africa’s acquisition of Index Construction Systems is not just a business move but a commitment to shaping the future of waterproofing solutions. With unparalleled product quality, customer-centricity, and a talented team behind them, Sika South Africa is poised to continue leading the way in the construction industry, providing reliable, durable, and sustainable solutions for all waterproofing needs.

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