Sika SA staff take action to assist NPO for victims of sexual abuse

Sika South Africa donated much-needed groceries and toiletries to Bobbi Bear, a registered NPO for child victims of rape, abuse and violence based in Doonside KZN, after Sika staff read a heart-rendering plea for assistance on social media.

Eureka Olivier, a volunteer turned full time, was overwhelmed with the needs of the children in their community. In 2019/2020 alone, they had a 200% increase in cases they tried to take on – a blunt idea of just how many children are subject to violent abuse daily, in that community alone. Olivier wrote, “One child is raped every three minutes in South Africa. This means that about 530 child rapes take place every day.” This necessitates the need for sympathetic public to get involved.

Image by Here and now, unfortunately, ends my journey on Pixabay from Pixabay
Bobbi Bear is a registered NPO for child victims of rape, abuse and violence based in Doonside KZN

Every bit helps

When some Sika staff read the heart-rendering media post above, they were galvanised into action. Sika were able to provide some much-needed groceries and toiletries. While every bit helps, there are still so many items that Bobbi Bear desperately need help with, such as: petrol and airtime for the rescue, taking them to hospitals and court cases, running of the home costs, groceries, toiletries, lights, and water, schooling, uniforms, and stationery. They are an exceptionally incredible home where the ladies literally give up their lives to look after these abandoned and abused children. They have fallen on hard times since the outbreak of COVID-19 and have lost many sponsors because of the recent looting spree forcing some of their supporting businesses to close.

Should anyone wish to donate, Bobbi Bear can be reached at:

Phone: 031 9032424

Cell:      072 443 2525

E-mail:  [email protected]

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