Sika surprises Buco customers

Debbie with one of the Buco floor staff

Debbie with one of the Buco floor staff

Customers at Buco in Pinetown were in for a surprise when Sika’s Debbie Westwood, treated them to a special promotion in store.

As Buco is one of Westwood’s loyal customers, she wanted to show them some support so she spent Saturday 21st February interacting with customers and generally being a real good sport!

At the entrance to the store, Westwood created a vibrant floor display with Cemflex, Cemflex Membrane and RainTite Kit, and another table display showcasing Sika MaxTack Mini, Sika MaxTack and Sikadur-AP. Sika’s red and yellow helium balloons heralded the promotion and there were also Sika brochures available for customers. As usual she offered her bucket full of sweets to all the customers and kiddies who came in on the Saturday morning. She gave demonstrations on Sika MaxTack and encouraged customers to experience the product.

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