Sika waterproofing solutions

With over 100 years’ experience, Sika offers a trusted range of roofing and waterproofing products that have been tried and tested – from the toughest, civil construction projects to the challenging, home DIY projects. 

Sika’s comprehensive waterproofing range includes acrylic, bitumen, cementitious and polyurethane waterproofing systems. The most popular waterproofing solutions are the liquid-applied membrane systems. Liquid-applied membrane (LAM) is a monolithic, fully-bonded, liquid-based coating suitable for many waterproofing and roofing applications. 

Sika’s star product is Sikalastic-560, it is in a class of its own with its rubber-like elastic coating properties. The most common use of this product is that it can be applied over failing bitumen systems such as torch-on, getting into all the more detailed areas and for the cool roof properties lowering energy costs. For a longer lifespan and better crack-bridging properties, it is beneficial to us reinforcement with Sikalastic-560. 

Sika has a complete range of DIY waterproofing systems for every kind of roof project, ranging from cost-effective to superior product solutions.

Cost-effective acrylic waterproofing system

sika acrylic waterproofing system

Acrylic Waterproofing System 

Sika RainTite Kit 


· Flashings 

· Sealing joints, laps and roofing screws 

· Parapet wall 


· Flexible and durable 

· Vapour permeable 

· UV resistant 

· Single component acrylic – easy to use 

· Excellent adhesion

Trusted contractors approved range

fibre reinforced pure acrylic waterproofing

Superior Acrylic Fibre Reinforced Waterproofer 

Sealoflex Professional 


· Flat roofs 

· Parapet walls 

· Flashings (Concrete and tiled roofs) 

· Overcoating existing roof waterproofing systems 


· Flexible and durable 

· Easy to use and acrylic 

· Single component – ready to use 

· No membrane needed 

rubberised bitumen coating

Sika BlackSeal Lastic 

– A rubberised bitumen waterproofing coating 


· Flat roofs 

· Flashing of roofs, gutters 

· Water retaining structures, e.g. ponds 


· Primerless system and non-sag 

· Flexible at low temperature 

· Crack-bridging

The superior specialist range

eco-friendly liquid applied waterproofing

Premium Rubber-Like Elastomeric Waterproofer 



· Roof waterproofing solutions in both new construction and refurbishment projects 

· Easy application on roofs with complex geometry and detail areas 

· Cost-efficient life cycle extension of failing roofs e.g. old bitumen membranes and coatings 

· Reflective coating to enhance energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs 

· Used instead of bitumen torch-applied membranes 


· UV resistant and resistant to yellowing and weathering 

· Highly elastic and crack-bridging 

· Non-toxic and VOC compliant water-based coating 

· One component – ready to use 

· Seamless waterproofing membrane 

· Certified environmental certifications

Call Sika to find the best solution for your needs or visit your local hardware store. 

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