Harnessing historic science

vitanolSilab, which is represented in South Africa by Meganede, turned its attention to one of the world’s most researched skin care ingredients, retinol, to launch Vitanol at in-cosmetics. According to Silab, the use of retinol in skin care products has often shown problems related to instability and skin irritation. In response to these challenges, Vitanol, the company’s Retinol-like ingredient, is said to be both stable and safe.

Rich in galactomannans from alfalfa (Medicago sativa), Vitanol is an anti-ageing active with retinol-like effects, without the irritation and formulation issues. Its retinol-like profile has been demonstrated through cDNA microarray and tested in vivo against a placebo and retinol for anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties.

At epidermal level, Vitanol was shown to improve the differentiation of keratinocytes by stimulating the synthesis of HSP 27 and the expression of profilaggrin. At dermal level, that active maintains the quality of the extra-cellular matrix by increasing the collagen I synthesis and limiting the synthesis of MMP-1. In addition, an anti-tyrosinase effect has been confirmed. Silab recommends this versatile active ingredient for all anti-ageing skin care formulations. It is also available in a ‘bio’ variant that is certified organic by both Ecocert and Cosmos.

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