BRB International turns 35

Chemical reactions are demonstrated using red, blue and green solutionsIn December, BRB International celebrated its 35th anniversary. To commemorate the event, it planted four trees at its newly opened R&D centre in Ittervoort, the Netherlands. BRB employees from its headquarters came together to present the board of directors with the trees as anniversary gifts.

It was an important moment for the company to celebrate its achievement of excellence over the past 35 years.

A tree for every continent

First launched as one-man business in 1981, BRB has grown from operating out of a small garage in the Netherlands to a globally, well-established manufacturer of silicones, lube oil additives and chemicals.

BRB currently employs 235 people at over 10 locations worldwide. Four different trees were selected to correspond with the continents on which BRB has established operations during the past 35 years. A Birch tree was chosen for Europe; a Ginkgo Biloba for Asia; an Amber wood for North America and a Sham Beech for South America.

On the same day in December, BRB’s R&D centre at Ittervoort was officially opened. This was accompanied by a ribbon cutting ceremony and an experiment executed by the board, demonstrating chemical reactions using red, blue and green solutions. This perfectly matched the company’s corporate identity.

Major milestones and achievements

BRB International’s four directors standing at the entrance to the new R&D centreThe launch of the R&D centre is one of many milestones for BRB during 2016. The company also established its Malaysia Silicone Synthesis plant and the Singapore Viscotech plant last year.

BRB, together with its partner Bencis, continuously thinks of new investments to keep up with fast growth and global expansions. The company is confident that all the investments and developments of 2016 will bring BRB to the next level in 2017. 

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