Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Silk-iCare for skin recovery

Silk-iCare is a revolutionary vegan silk protein designed to protect and repair the skin. Derived from white biotechnology, it represents a breakthrough in biomimetic silk protein technology, offering unparalleled benefits for perfecting skin.

3D rendering of the Silk-iCare concept (Image: Givaudan Active Beauty)

Using advanced biotechnologies, Givaudan Active Beauty has developed an optimised sequence of silk proteins, produced through fermentation, to create Silk-iCare™ – a pure biomimetic silk with remarkable film-forming properties. 

Silk-iCare forms an invisible yet robust film on the skin, providing immediate benefits in terms of protection and recovery. Upon application, it creates a uniform 3D fibrillar network on skin’s surface, ensuring performance, with no residue or cracking on drying. Its unique hydrogel structure, derived from natural silk, offers a thixotropic characteristic, resulting in a smoother application and a breathable, non-sticky finish. 

Immediately effective

The efficacy of Silk-iCare is immediate, offering anti-pollution and skin recovery benefits. Thanks to its physical mode of action, Silk-iCare forms a protective barrier that removes over 96% of pollution particles. 

Clinical studies have demonstrated a significant seven-fold reduction in pore size, as little as 15 minutes after application. Over time, the skin-repairing properties of the vegan silk protein trigger a two-fold reduction in inflammatory breakouts, perfecting skin. 

“We are delighted to introduce Silk-iCare, a pioneering vegan silk veil designed to protect and repair the skin”, comments Romain Reynaud, Research & Development Director. “With its biomimetic structure, Silk-iCare emerges as a remarkable skin perfector, thanks to its exceptional film-forming properties. Acting like an invisible bandage, it delivers all-in-one anti-pollution, fast-repairing and make-up-fixing benefits.”

Silk-iCare is available in South Africa from The Care Co., which is an approved distributor of Givaudan Active Beauty.

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