Skillcraft anticipates massive turnover year – honours hard work by staff in 2023   

Celebrating yet another year of success, Skillcraft held its awards ceremony where employees, departments and managers were honoured for their contribution to the company in 2023.  

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Starting off his speech by addressing an assembly of all the staff at the Johannesburg branch, ​with​​ the Cape Town and Durban branches joining in virtually, Skillcraft MD Angelo Angelos expressed how proud he is of the work put in by all staff in 2023, ​citing ​​ a client who commended the company for being ahead of their competition.  

Skillcraft MD Angelo Angelos
Skillcraft MD Angelo Angelos

Big Brand, Growing Brand  

“The Ingco brand is bigger than it has ever been,” exclaims Angelos, citing that this is because of a combination of all the things they do. From brand ambassadors, to sales people, to merchandisers, to the work that finance people do, to the work that internal sales ​people do, to the Malcom Marx​ Brand Ambassadorship deal​,​ to the​ Toyota Gazoo and​ Dakar Rally​ sponsorship​, to the advertising done in ​the ​​DIY & Industrial Trade News and ​various other magazines​​​, all of that together with social media we have seen the fruits of our efforts.” 

​​2024 ​​​is a massive year for the company where the numbers are starting to count​.​​

What to look forward to  

​​T​he ​T​eam ​​performed well​ in 2023​,​ tackling challenges head-on​ and Angelos commended the efficiency in the warehouse.  

He mentioned that the ​new ​Durban warehouse ​​is an exciting and massive step for the business, mentioning that the growth in Durban was long overdue and has no doubt that it will do well. The Cape Town branch is also growing and​ was called upon to ​​receiv​e​​ containers for the first time in January, which​ they did flawlessly.​​     ​  

The big focus on marketing for this year is one of the aspects that Angelos pointed out that he was looking forward to. The company is renewing its ambassadorship relationship with Malcom Marx this year. ​ The company was a minor sponsor last year​ for Toyota Gazoo and ​​Dak​a​​​r​​​.​ ​T​​​his year the company ​is​the​​ main​​ sponsor and that​ has​ yielded a lot of coverage, and it ​has been​​ amazing. Alongside these major marketing initiatives, Angelos mentions that other marketing tools such as leaflets, social media and so forth will continue running for the year as well.  

Currently, the marketing is where the company wants it to be, says Angelos, but ​he ​has his eyes on expansion soon and ​is ​still exploring ways in which this can be done.  

Angelos concluded his speech by emphasising that 2024 will be a massive year and reminded his staff on the importance of serving the customer and emphasising that the brand is not bigger than the customer. The motto of the company will remain ‘customer first, serve the customer’.  

Following his speech, awards were presented to members of staff from all three regions who have done well for the business in the past year.  

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