Sliding folding door systems

Top hung sliding and folding door hardware suppliers Hillaldam feature a variety of aluminium and timber doors. The products are galvanised or stainless steel ball-bearing hangers and can be applied to doors or serving hatches.

Hillaldam is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturer, supplying a full range of Hardware to international markets for use on Steel, Timber, Aluminium and Glass doors and windows. In addition to the standard ranges, Hillaldam has also built up an enviable reputation for bespoke manufacture on specialist projects and is recognized in the marketplace for providing modern yet functional solutions for any customer requirement.

Hillaldam is always looking to innovate and create the perfect sliding/folding/automated system to meet clients’ needs.

Just take a look at the Foldaside 386 in this video. An automated, folding gate application with 4 high steel panels each weighing in at 60kgs and 900mm wide. Whilst this system appears to be 2 panels folding each way. In fact, two panels on the outside folding to each side with another 2 panels folding inside. At the leading edge of the two panels, Hillaldam’s back flap hinge connects with a guide at the top and a double wheel roller at the bottom. A little bit of creative engineering to ensure we’re always top of our game!

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