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Pocketslip stores a customers receipt for five years.

The fax, telegraph and till slip have one thing in common, they represent a technology that once used paper which has been replaced with something better, more convenient, more user-friendly.

By Francois Liebenberg, Pocketslip Marketing Director

The telegraph revolutionised long-distance communication when it was developed in the 1830s. As time went by the telephone took over from the telegraph, followed by fax machines. In the 21st Century the internet and email changed everything. Now it seems that the Pocketslip is set to replace the till slip

Pocket what?

Pocketslip is a technology used by Point of Sale provider IQ Retail that enables retailers to send the ‘old forest-destroying’ paper receipt digitally to an application on a customer’s phone.

Before we delve deeply into what exactly this means for customers and retailers alike, lets first look at the environmental impact associated with this innovation. Firstly, paper receipts use paper, but have you ever considered what this means when you quantify the numbers? The average tree can produce merely 6 000 receipts. As a case study, a large FMCG retailer in South Africa did 770 million transactions in 2015. This equates to 129 000 trees just for their receipts. Take a moment to consider what 129 000 trees look like. Add to this the fact that paper receipts are BPA coated to work with thermal papers disqualifying them from being recyclable and you end up with a real and measurable impact.

What value does this offer the customer?

Customers keep receipts mainly for one of four reasons: Warrantees/returns, accounting, tax returns and corporate expense claims. The Pocketslip technology addresses each of these problems by storing a digital copy of the customer’s receipt in the cloud for a period of five years. The customer can easily retrieve an old receipt directly from the app and send it on to a third partly through the delivery mechanism of their choice.

What value does this offer the retailer?

The technology foremost removes the operational issues linked to a paper receipt that includes the storage of paper rolls and fixing issues with the printers. The solution is also a cost-saver every time a customer opts to go with the digital version. However, the main feature of the technology is the information that the retailer gathers from their customer through the use of the technology. Users are rewarded with vouchers when they ‘rate the shopping experience’ as they receive a new Pocketslip. These ratings are reported back to the retailer in a dashboard showing information such as the top-rated items by gender and age and also sends the contact information of unhappy clients directly to store managers. “We have found that this pro-active feature in Pocketslip compliments the data that POS companies supply to their customers” says Pocketslip MD, Francois Liebenberg. “Retailers now have a customer experience management solution at their disposable which significantly increases customer retention in the outlets which have rolled out Pocketslip”.

How does it work?

Pocketslip is activated on the POS software of a retailer. “We partner with forward-thinking companies like IQ Retail to offer state of the art technology to their customers,” says Liebenberg. Once Pocketslip is enabled at the till-point the customer simply supplies their email, cell number or Pocketslip ID to the cashier at the end of a transaction. The Pocketslip ID is a unique number that the user receives when they download the Pocketslip app. Once this number is punched into the till the customer will receive a digital copy of the receipt on their phone. It’s that simple. If the customer has not yet downloaded the app they will receive an SMS which notifies them of their receipt and enabling them to download the app by selecting a deep-link in the SMS.

Pocketslip is a solution made in South Africa, leading the world in this digital revolution. The company aims to change the way receipting is done globally and has gained tremendous traction in a very short space of time.

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