Smoking hot trends at the SAAFFI seminar

Will you attend the 17th annual SAAFFI seminar? The event takes place on 14 March at the Bytes Conference Centre in Midrand, Gauteng and will feature relevant content to inspire deeper thinking.


The marketing material showcasing the taboo or not taboo theme of the 17th annual SAAFFI

Many of the ingredients and technologies utilised today in fragrances, flavours, cosmetics, food and beverages were once taboo. Some, like cannabis, are quite contentious,

while others, such as synthetic and natural ingredient blends used in the fragrances industry, are rather progressive. These developments set the tone for the 2019 seminar, which is themed ‘taboo or not taboo’.

Sharon Bolel, assistant executive director of the South African Association of the Flavour & Fragrance Industry (SAAFFI), comments: ‘Our 2019 seminar will be a bit off the wall to open attendees’ minds to creativity and innovation. We’re not giving them mainstream

content but rather fascinating concepts to inspire deeper thinking.’

What’s on the programme?

The full day programme features an impressive line-up of speakers and a hands-on workshop. Some of the presentations include:

  • diversity and inclusion specialist, Roy Gluckman will discuss inclusion and equality in the workplace at the keynote presentation
  • Beverley Gardner will share new fragrance trends. She recently joined Iberchem to set up the global fragrances and flavours company’s southern African office
  • a representative from Mane will explore whether sugar reduction is taboo or a trend and the impact it has on the flavours industry
  • the creators of Poison City Brewing will discuss Cannabis infused beer
  • food fraud and issues surrounding false claims will be highlighted by FACTS
  • the panel discussion will focus on SAAFFI’s role in whistle blowing, its standing on taboo issues and how to act. The panel will also touch on corporate governance in the cosmetics industry and transitioning from self-regulation to enforced regulations
  • futurist, Charlotte Kemp will reveal taboos of the future and how to navigate them.

Delicacies for everyone to enjoy

To end of the seminar on a high note, a variety of interesting delicacies will be served during the networking cocktail function. These include an insect based ice cream, Mopani worms and a unique SAAFFI infused beer created by brewmaster, Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela. She is the first black woman in South Africa to establish her own microbrewery, Brewster’s Craft, where she also introduces students to the science of beer making.

Visit the SAAFFI events page for more information about the seminar and to book your seat for the event.

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