Solabia builds on the future of conscious cosmetics with FucoLife GR

Drawing on more than 40 years of experience in the design, research and development, manufacturing and the commercialisation of cosmetic active ingredients, the Solabia Group’s cosmetics division offers customers an extensive range of products. These ingredients conform to international quality standards and are all in compliance with current requirements regarding sourcing and traceability, naturalness, efficacy, safety and regulations.

The beauty world is constantly evolving. The expectations and concerns of consumers regarding their appearance and well-being, combined with the importance they now attach to the “health” of their skin and hair, must be constantly identified and decoded across the globe.

FucoLife GR (INCI: Maltodextrine (and) Biosaccharide gum-3) is a new product that follows on the famous technology of Bioscaccharide gum-1. It is a low molecular weight polysaccharide (mean molecular weight 11kDa) obtained through the controlled bacterial fermentation of non-GMO vegetable substrates. It comprises galacturonic acid, L-fucose and D-galactose and is available in powder form with a non-GMO maltodextrin carrier. FucoLife GR is preservative free and authorised for use in the UE, USA, Japan, China (IECIC 2015 et IECSC), while being subject to conditions in Australia and Canada. COSMOS certification is pending for the active ingredient.

Image by silviarita from Pixabay
FucoLife GR restores the structural integrity of menopausal skin

Global rejuvenation of menopausal skin

Age leads to a decrease in innervation with a modification in the ability of neurons to renew their extensions needed to capture stimuli from the environment. To counter this, FucoLife GR increases the contact surface between keratinocytes and neurons which improves skin innervation and comfort. It activates signalling pathways, resulting in the repair of age-damaged skin tissues. This step is followed by a restorative response resulting in the reorganisation of the dermis and epidermis.

FucoLife GR is also known to significantly thicken the skin by 7.5% after only one month of application. As a result, skin gains what it would lose in six years of postmenopausal life.

Eco-concept supports a reduced carbon footprint

FucoLife GR encompasses an eco-friendly approach in terms of how its designed and supplied in a powder form. This reduces the following:

  • the amount of water used in the manufacturing process, preserving dwindling water resources
  • the quantity of water transported worldwide, decreasing the carbon footprint of the raw material and associated formula.

Formulation inspiration

As it is preservative-free, FucoLife GR is particularly suitable for natural label formulations designed with a higher natural index.

Available in South Africa from Vantage, FucoLife GR is suitable for use in powder makeup applications as well as any other powdered products, such as dry shampoo or talcum powder, where it would contribute key biological and emotional properties.

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