Solar lighting for shopping centre parking area  

BEKA Schréder has supplied the solar lighting solution to the Blue Crane Ridge Shopping Centre’s parking area.

The Blue Crane Ridge Shopping Centre, located in Meyersdal, Alberton, recently underwent a facelift. Part of this upgrade was the installation of parking area lighting. The requirement was a solar lighting solution, to ensure that the parking area will always be illuminated when it is dark, even during load shedding cycles. This lighting installation also serves as security lighting, increasing the feeling of safety of the shopping centre’s patrons. Furthermore, this solution will be more cost-effective in the long term, because it is not connected to the electrical network.

The SOLARPOLE was the lighting solution of choice, as it fitted the criteria required by the customer: to be robust, functional and manufactured in South Africa. In addition, the decorative post top version aesthetically suits the style of the shopping centre.

Solar Lighting Solution

The SOLARPOLE, designed and manufactured in South Africa, offers a vertical aesthetic solar lighting solution for road and urban applications. It offers an integrated aesthetic option to fully suit off-grid solar lighting requirements in outdoor residential and public applications.

The cylindrical solar module is revolutionary. The vertical solar panels use a cylindrical module to achieve a better aesthetical design, as well as providing less wind resistance.

The photovoltaic process is optimised by the efficient vertical module with six pieces of slim mono-crystalline solar panel technology to maximise solar energy.

The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controllers protect and optimise the system from any internal and external factors, like thermal environmental changes when charging the energy storage units.

BEKA Schréder develops and manufactures sustainable and energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for local conditions.

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