Something Old, Something New…

Mention ‘Baker Street’ and some people’s memories might hark back to the era when fictional detective Sherlock Holmes made his London home there in the late 19th Century.

The beautiful modern exterior of The Conservatory, 13 Baker Street in Rosebank, Johannesburg, where Samsung’s advanced new Wind Free and 360° Cassette units were installed.

13 Baker Street in Rosebank has no such literary associations however, though a total revamp of the building’s HVAC system might well have involved some challenging  investigative work to fulfil all the different clients’ requirements.

Cobus Els of CKM Consulting was the consulting engineer tasked with combining an existing older chilled water installation with a  new green, energy-efficient – and very important, upmarket  – separate airconditioning system.

3 different phases of development

The building renovation was completed in 3 different phases. Two new Viking AHUs were installed to take care of fresh air input, the old chiller system was revamped and the task of selecting the ideal  airconditioning system began in earnest.

CKM decided to use 4 Samsung DVM-S Heat Recovery Systems: one in the basement supplying 4 x 1-Way Wind Free cassettes, another DVM-S unit on Level 3 plus another on Level 4, each also supplying 4 x 1-way Wind Free cassettes, and one on Level 5 supplying 7 x 360° Cassettes.

After doing the basic design, Cobus then submitted it to Fourways Airconditioning for finalisation of the piping system, MCU units etc. With stocks running low at the end of the year, he worked closely with Sello Ramatswi of Fourways in order to obtain the necessary Samsung indoor and outdoor units. “We took almost everything we needed that Fourways had at that stage,” remarks Cobus with a grin.

Modern theme

With a clean, modern, upmarket design theme specified for the renovated building, Samsung Wind Free and 360° cassettes fitted the brief perfectly; the Wind Free units being among first of their type to be installed in South Africa.  With their thousands of tiny air outlets encased in a sleek modern silhouette, these provide draught-free climate control. Where larger volumes of draught-free airflow were required, as in the upstairs restaurant and offices, Samsung’s sophisticated  360° Cassettes were specified.

Hennal Airconditioning Services of Kempton Park were contracted to do the actual installation, which also involved fabricating some creative ducting to fit in the confined spaces.

Fourways assistance complimented

As new phases of the building were completed, installation of the indoor units were able to proceed, with requirements being specified both by the building’s landlord as well as new occupants coming aboard.

Cobus Els has nothing but praise for the assistance provided by Fourways Airconditioning Johannesburg.

“Sello and others at Fourways went out of their way to ensure I had the correct stock at the right time, even though at the start this wasn’t always easy. And Fourways has consistently  been available to provide advice whenever needed. With this job now completed, we look forward the occupants enjoying excellent energy efficiency in their newly-renovated 13 Baker Street building.”

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