Spectrophotometer (iris) HI801

iris is a sleek and intuitive spectrophotometer that allows for the measurements of all wavelengths of visible light. Spectrophotometers work by isolating light at specific wavelengths from white light. Customise your methods.

Feel confident in your testing accuracy with iris.

  • Malic Acid concentration in wine
  • Acetic Acid concentration in beer
  • Ethanol content in beer and wine
  • Colour of beer
  • Alkalinity of water
  • Hardness of water….and more

This compact meter incorporates a number of features that facilitate both fantastic performance and exceptional usability:

  • Advanced split beam optical system
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • User customisable methods
  • Step-by-step method creation
  • Capacitive touchpad
  • Advanced split–beam optical system
  • Intuitive menu design
  • Universal cuvette holder

Step-By-Step Method Creation

The HI801 guides you step-by-step through the process of creating your own customer method.  The user interface will guide your through naming your method, setting the measurement wavelengths, creating reaction timers, and calibrating the method.

Favourite Methods Feature

Always have your most frequently used methods readily available.

Pre-programmed Methods

85 commonly used methods for chemical analysis are pre-programmed.

User Methods

Program up to 100 personal methods that can include up to 10 calibration point, five different wavelengths (which can be used simultaneously), and five reaction timers.

Data Logging and Transfer

Store up to 9 999 measurements. Data can be transferred as a CSV or PDF file.

Spectral Range

The meter features a range of 340nm to 900nm, allowing for a wide selection of analytical methods.

Battery operated

The HI801’ s rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for approximately 3 000 measurements.


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