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It is business as usual at Sprayon, manufacturer and supplier of quality aerosol paints and maintenance products.

Since 1960, Sprayon supplied South African consumers with high quality paints and maintenance products for the automotive, home, hobby and DIY markets.

Sprayon has from the beginning manufactured and supplied its products from it premises in Wynberg, Sandton. Over the years, the area dynamics changed drastically and although many challenges come from the bordering Alexandra Township, one of the poorest urban areas in the country, Sprayon has no plans to unseat itself from its premises.

At 2am on 5 April 2016, Robin Bersiks, company owner was woken by a call informing him that the Sprayon factory was on fire. The company lost several delivery vehicles, three forklifts and most of its raw materials through the fire. Sprayon was brought to a complete halt by this fire probably caused through arson. Within the same week however, all involved jumped in and Sprayon was back in production. Electricity was supplied via a generator and two shipping containers were brought to the premises to store products and materials.

All the damage has been repaired and upgraded. The container idea stuck and more were brought in to be used as offices and as storage facilities. This turned out to be a cost effective solution. Two containers stacked on top of each other provide for a high enough boundary walls and ample, secure floor space.

Today, very few of the automotive products are still in production and Sprayon’s main focus are paint products – from lacquers and fire proof coatings to preparation products such as rust removers, Sprayon does it all.


Sprayrite, a division of Sprayon, is a contract packaging company and anyone or company who requires products packaged into aerosol cans can get it done through Sprayrite.


Spray Paints

  • Standard Lacquer Spray Paints
  • Metallic Lacquer Spray Paints
  • Ultra High Temp Spray Paints
  • Hammer Finish Spray Paints
  • Spray Glow Fluorescent Spray Paints
  • Engine Enamel Spray Paints
  • Tractor Touch-Up Colours

Speciality Paints

  • Metal Marking Blue Spray
  • Cold Galvanising Spray
  • Anti-Tarnish Clear Lacquer Spray
  • New Chrome Spray Paint
  • Wood Gloss Clear Spray Paint
  • Frosted Glass Spray Effect
  • Anti-Glare Window Tint Spray

Prep Products

  • Rust Off Rust Remover
  • Rust Converter
  • Self-Etch Primer

Automotive Products

  • Care and maintenance products
  • Automotive repair products

Cleaning Products

  • Sprayon Electro Cleaner
  • Sprayon Dust Buster
  • Jack Lemon Power Cleaner


For more information…


Call: 011-440-2202

Visit: www.sprayon.co.za



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