Solutions for the Mining Sector

mining site equipment high speed doors 

Fast-acting doors for the mining industry. Access control with higher wind resistance, less impact on the building and reduced maintenance costs. Big size high-speed doors and equipment for the mining industry with easy opening and closing under strong winds, Stab-a-Load has the solution. Adapted for the ultra requiring conditions in the mining industry for truck stops, acid plants, hangars, crushing and milling processes, craneways. The doors are designed to operate transmitting minimum stress to the building and even distribute ventilation in the galleries of underground mines.

HVLS FANS* The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend increasing air velocity as a way to reduce the risk of heat stress and increase productivity due to employee comfort.

DYNACO HIGH-SPEED DOORS* Due to high wind speed retention these doors are ideal to use as airlocks in mine ventilation and production shafts. The robust design allows for the harsh environments underground.

HYDROTILT DOOR* A single panel hydraulic door system, forming a wall in a closed position and a natural canopy in open position. Freestanding, self-supporting structure. Can withstand wind speeds of 120km/H in the closed position and 90km/H in open position, this with the integrated safety systems makes it the prime selection for larger openings.

BUTZBACH DOOR* Long lifetime, due to sustainable material, extreme dimension up to 15mW and 24mH is possible. The panels allow more natural light whilst reducing heat transfer into the building resulting in energy savings.

mining sector high speed doors


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