316 Grade Stainless Steel Turnstiles

Hirt and Carter Turnstar Turnstile made of stainless steel manufactured in south africa

Turnstar manufactures all its turnstiles at its state of the art 8 800 square meter factory in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Some of our capabilities include the manufacture of turnstiles in powder coated mild steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and even stainless steel. An in-house pickling and passivating plant are used for the treatment of 304 and 316-grade stainless steel turnstiles. Shown here are turnstiles and gates which were manufactured for Hirt & Carter’s new factory in Cornubia, KZN. For this installation, only 316-grade stainless steel would be suitable for the required level of corrosion resistance.

Hirt & Carter has a 50-year legacy of providing high-end retail workflow and commercial printing and has established itself as a leading integrator of multi-channel marketing and communication solutions. Offering complete end-to-future tailor-made systems and processes, the company has extensive premises housing high-tech, high-value equipment in Durban’s Umgeni Park.

“Not only is there a real need for careful control over who enters the Hirt & Carter premises,” says Craig Sacks, MD of Turnstar, “but furthermore, the facilities have a modern contemporary look and feel, so any physical access control systems had to blend in with the trendy environment.”

The order was fairly extensive and included a sophisticated Triton full-height curved three-wing single glass turnstile. The turnstile, with matte graphite grey finish, has bi-directional electrical control with a failsafe auto-unlock which activates during a power failure. Durability is often compromised for the sake of aesthetics but this is most definitely not the case with the proven technology used in the Triton turnstile, which offers years of sustainable service.

Turnstar SPECIAL NEEDS GATE semi-automatic

Catering for all visitors, the stainless steel semi-automatic special needs gate installed in the reception area is designed with aesthetics in mind and with its 180° opening, allows easy passage for wheelchairs, baby pushchairs and trolleys.

For other employees and visitors to the premises, three Trident waist-height single turnstiles manufactured in durable 316 stainless steel with Rustenburg Granite tops, provide fast and easy access. Their quiet operation and sleek appearance make them the perfect fit for reception areas. Bi-directional electric control is complemented by a self-centring rotation system that ensures the rotor returns to the starting position after every rotation.

turnstile titan manufactured by Turnstar South Africa

Hirt & Carter has also installed four double and two single full-height four-arm Titan industrial turnstiles. Providing maximum perimeter security, these turnstiles have proven themselves in high-volume areas such as sports stadia and mines around the world. Manufactured in corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel with bi-directional electric control, these turnstiles are perfect for use in coastal areas.

In addition to the turnstiles and special needs gate, Turnstar also supplied 20 biometric fingerprint reader mounting brackets in 316 stainless steel and four security gates. Also manufactured in 316 stainless steel, these left-handed gates are 1.5 m wide and 2.125 m high, with a maglock and door closer.

“Hirt & Carter is extremely pleased with both the high levels of security provided by our products and the fact that they seamlessly integrate with the organisation’s brand image,” says Sacks.

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