Sustainable wooden furniture

Homewood’s Amanzi Conscious Collection of sustainably handcrafted, luxury custom wood furniture is made from local alien invasive trees
All Homewood’s furniture is available with the option of making your chosen piece up from using local alien invasive and water-thirsty woods like Cottonwood, River Red Gum and Blackwood

If you know anything about Homewood, you’ll know that at the heart of this sustainably handcrafted, luxury custom wood furniture brand is, in fact, its people… Homewood’s story has place for both sides, and the roots go deeper than they need to be.

For Ian Perry, Homewood founder and director, Homewood is not just a business with profit and sales goals. It is a business that strives to make an impact in the world it finds itself in, taking environmentally friendly furniture to an entirely new level. This is the story Homewood is built on, and this story is vital when understanding why choosing a Homewood product is as special as it is.

Not only does Homewood put its people first, but it puts nature first, too. Homewood refuses to give in to our generation’s inclination towards mass consumerism. Instead, it has committed itself to leaving behind a cleaner legacy, one that involves our luxury eco-furniture. How do they do this, you ask? By making furniture that celebrates natural life from hand to home. Homewood’s Amanzi Conscious Collection has the vision of giving back to the earth, and it does this every time.

By using local alien invasive and water-thirsty trees that dry up our precious waterways, Homewood is able to craft furniture with the same luxury feel and quality you’re used to (and expect) but save on costs to you and the planet while doing this!

Homewood’s Amanzi Conscious Collection restores natural balance to local environments by creating a demand for the removal of invasive woods like Cottonwood, River Red Gum and Blackwood. For all Homewood’s ranges, types of furniture and custom pieces, they offer the option of making your chosen piece up from these woods. Meaning, you as the customer have an opportunity to not only purchase the furniture of your dreams, but you’re also able to contribute towards redefining the way we do things at the same time.

Homewood has joined forces with the Working for Water Programme, an initiative of the Western Cape Government that seeks to tackle the issue of alien invasive trees and their destruction of local environments and water reserves.

Just over the past five years, the WfW team has already cleared up 500 hectares of alien vegetation and has freed up 1.9bn litres of water per year! It has also sparked the creation of more than 230 000 jobs.

By using this alien invasive wood to handcraft eco furniture, Homewood gets to give back to the earth but also give back to its people by creating both short-term and long-term employment opportunities.

The Homewood story will continue to tell a tale of sustainability – both for nature and for people; for staff, and for customer.

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