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The Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors are professionally sealed and glazed before they leave the Swartland factory. (Image: Supplied)

Swartland’s innovative Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors come pre-glazed and pre-sealed directly from the factory – saving you time and money.

Top-quality timber architectural accents, such as beautifully crafted wooden windows and doors, can add an organic, timeless aesthetic to any building. Over and above the beauty of these features, wood is also an environmentally friendly choice of building material – it is renewable, an excellent insulator, and, if properly maintained, exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

The problems with wood

In the past, wooden windows and doors did not receive the necessary care and treatment they required. Sloppy installation methods and inconsistent levels of craftsmanship could not guarantee perfect results. Raw timber products left outdoors on-site were at the mercy of the elements until installed, glazed and sealed. Exposure to rain or damp conditions lead to severe long-term damage to the timber. Installation is also a very time-consuming procedure.

The solution: Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit range 

However, with Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit range, all the problems mentioned above are a thing of the past. The Ready-2-Fit range of wooden windows and doors are professionally sealed and glazed before they leave the Swartland factory so that they are ready to be installed when they arrive on the building site. A newly added service in the Ready-2-Fit range is that doors can be pre-hung in their frames and fitted with hinges, flush bolts and locks, which saves the builder and homeowner time and money on installation costs and ensures that the windows and doors are adequately protected against exposure to the elements. It also vastly increases the overall build quality – providing that the windows and doors are finished to Swartland’s exacting standards and, therefore, ensuring that any warranties are upheld.

Benefits of Swartland’s Ready-2-Fit range at a glance:

  • No more sanding – easy wash ‘n wipe maintenance
  • Excellent durability ensured with a high-end water-based sealant
  • Improves build quality at no extra cost
  • Validates the Swartland guarantee
  • It is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient solution
  • Constant testing ensures compliance with the National Building Regulation and Consumer Protection Act
  • Offers good thermal and sound insulation, depending on the glass chosen.

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