Symrise focuses on green ingredients at in-cosmetics

Symrise is presenting new cosmetics ingredients at stand E110, at in-cosmetics Global, emphasising its sustainable approach. The Cosmetic Ingredients team will focus on the presentation of SymReboot L19, SymLite G8, three oils from the African continent and SymHair Shape & Color.

The science behind green ingredients at Symrise

Close-up of small plants in test tubes

‘Today, many consumers pay attention to choose cosmetics that are produced in an environmentally and resource friendly way. Therefore, these properties are an important principle for our product development,’ says Dr Daniel Ibarra, Vice President EAME at Symrise. ‘We have been following this sustainable path for many years and can therefore supply suitable cosmetic ingredients.’

Processed probiotics and organic cosmetics

With SymReboot L19, Symrise presents a probiotics-based cosmetic ingredient, opening new perspectives for the care of sensitive skin. For the first time, it has been possible to preserve the bacterial structure and thus an important mechanism of action of a probiotic bacterium. It takes full effect also in creams and lotions that contain preservatives. The skin cells recognise the structure cell-wall or metabolites of the mildly heat-treated microorganisms, activating the skin’s natural protective defence mechanisms, soothing the skin and strengthening the barrier.

Made from sustainably sourced raw materials, SymLite G8 naturally enhances the skin caring effect of cosmetic products while improving their shelf life. It naturally supports the product protection system, strengthens the skin barrier and, as a co-emulsifier, helps to stabilize oil-in-water emulsions. Thanks to its sustainable production, SymLite G8 is COSMOS approved for the use in natural cosmetics and makes it easier for manufacturers of natural cosmetics to improve the shelf life of their products.

SymLite G8 also offers producers of conventional cosmetics the opportunity to increase the proportion of sustainable ingredients in their products.

African oils and hair care ingredients

For the first time, Symrise presents its African Oil Collection: Organic Baobab-oil from Tanzania, COSMOS-certified Moringa-oil from Kenia und Organic Tamanu-oil from Madagascar. Symrise pays special attention to sourcing and to using environmentally friendly processes in the sustainable production of the oils. This contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and improves the social and economic conditions of the people from the regions where the oils are sourced. The oils are suitable for skin and hair care products; they moisturise and have a calming and strengthening effects.

With SymHair Shape & Color, Symrise presents a hair care ingredient based on selected plant oils, additional natural ingredients and emollients. It is able to tame volume and frizz, gives a memory effect to curls even in high humidity and protects coloured hair from fading. SymHair Shape & Color also strengthens the hair and decreases hair breakage.

Technical and Sustainability Seminars

Today, Imke Meyer presents Postbiotics or heat-treated probiotics: a novel approach to fortify the barrier in Theatre 1. Also on Wednesday, 3 April Marie-Pascale Rogier showcases in the Sustainability Corner how Symrise strengthens backward integration and diversification in Madagascar while innovating with renewable side streams.

‘Environmental aspects and economic thinking are inextricably linked at Symrise. They are firmly rooted in our DNA,’ says Dr Ibarra. ‘Our products and solutions reflect this and we would like to present them to the trade show visitors at our stand, in seminars and presentations.’


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