Symrise launches fragrance hub in Dubai

Located in the innovative area of Dubai Internet City near the iconic Palm neighbourhood, Symrise has opened an intimate, elegant and collaborative hub to showcase its fragrance market expertise.

In October, Symrise launched a new chapter in the Middle East market with the opening of Jardin Arabia, its new creative centre dedicated to fine fragrance in the heart of Dubai. This intimate, elegant and collaborative hub, located in the innovative area of Dubai Internet City near the iconic Palm neighbourhood, showcases Symrise’s fine fragrance market expertise and fosters endless creativity.

The Symrise team celebrate with a ribbon cutting at Jardin Arabia Symrise Dubai: Tarek Anbar (Fine Fragrance Dubai), Julianne Pruett (President Global Fine Fragrance), Ricardo Omori (Deputy President Global Fragrance), and Eder Ramos (President Global Fragrance) (Image: Symrise)

A creative and visionary heart in Dubai

Symrise continues to strengthen its strategic foothold in the thriving Middle Eastern fragrance market with the inauguration of Jardin Arabia. At the grand opening, Symrise’s fine fragrance perfumers Théo Belmas and Margherita Carini, senior perfumer Philippine Courtière, master perfumer Loc Dong, president global fine fragrance Julianne Pruett, deputy president global fragrance Ricardo Omori, president global fragrance Eder Ramos, and other essential team members greeted clients, content creators, and media. Thoughtfully designed, the name Jardin Arabia pays homage to the region, embodying its central location at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, while also highlighting the natural beauty of the building’s structure.

“Jardin Arabia demonstrates our strong commitment to continue to drive our business and support our partners in the region. As Symrise expends its capacity with this new full-service facility, we are showcasing our innovative and challenger mindset,” says Ricardo Omori, deputy president global fragrance.

Situated atop the elegant Office Park Building in the heart of Dubai, the space boasts a beautiful atrium at its core. Its contemporary and inviting design sets the stage for a warm atmosphere, providing guests with a distinct and inspiring environment for brainstorming, collaborative creativity, and real-time solutions. Furthermore, the hub offers dedicated areas for creative arts, olfactory culture, and exclusive events, ranging from fragrance masterclasses, perfumer interactions, and trend discussions that together will facilitate learning, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

The guests of Jardin Arabia, from Symrise clients and perfume enthusiasts to influencers and media partners, were invited to partake in a collaborative environment that fosters meaningful exchanges and channels creative inspiration.

“Our new collaborative space is strategically located in the heart of Dubai, between The Marina and The Palm, two iconic bustling neighbourhoods. It is a luxurious oasis where our partners and team members can think outside the box to co-create the next olfactive jewels of the region,” says Julianne Pruett, president global fine fragrance.

Introduction to new de Laire bases

Jardin Arabia has already delivered on its commitments. To celebrate its opening, Symrise attendees embarked on an olfactive journey through heritage and legacy, discovering two new de Laire bases, Oud Onyx and Mineral Patchouli.

Symrise attendees were also immersed in a creative experience, meeting and celebrating an accomplished local artist who specializes in Arabic calligraphy, Narjes Nourredine. Nourredine is celebrated across the region for her beautiful expression that pushes boundaries to celebrate and elevate this ancient art form. She often participates in official exhibitions that showcase both Arabic calligraphy and traditional poetry. Nourredine embodies the values that Symrise believes in – building from one’s heritage to better craft a powerful legacy.

Oud Onyx

Created by Alienor Massenet and Margherita Carini, this imaginative interpretation of Oud pays tribute to the enduring affection for the legendary wood in the GCC region. While its history dates back to the Silk Road, Oud remains a quintessential and enchanting ingredient, continuing to captivate the perfume industry. In vogue still today, it has made its mark in the American, Asian, and European markets as a mystical and spiritual fascination.

The Oud Onyx de Laire base unleashes a new darkness of Oud and offers a modern take on the most enigmatic ingredient from the Middle East. Imagined as a magmatic Oud, the female perfumer duo explored the cold and sharp minerality side of Ambergris. Alienor Massenet and Margherita Carini used the legendary Ambrostar® captive from Symrise to provide the long lastingness and high impact of dry amber to the modern and edgy Flowerpool®. An eclectic encounter for the heir of Arabia to unveil its mysteries.

“de Laire is very special to me, it embodies Symrise’s patrimony and our luxury roots. Alienor and I followed the vision to infuse the legacy of the Middle East in these iconic bases. We have built Oud Onyx DL around a new unique Oud signature and the vibrance of Ambrostar® and Flowerpool®. An unexpected duo for the emblematic de Laire collection,” says perfumer, Margherita Carini.

Patchouli Minéral

A new trend for fresh and impactful fragrances is rising, playing on long lasting woods and sharp minerality. Symrise fine fragrance perfumers Théo Belmas and Loc Dong faced the challenge by developing a new de Laire base inspired by the exploration of an iconic ingredient of perfumery: the exquisite, high quality, Patchouli from Madagascar, which is textured and velvety by essence.

The Patchouli Minéral de Laire embodies a timeless and sophisticated Patchouli, shaped by the unexpected mineral freshness of ambergris. Playing with a chiaroscuro of Sympep® and Patchouli Madagascar, this base adorns the brightness of minerality and reveals the electric bite of Ambrostar®. An exquisite base connecting glamour, elegance, edginess, and disruption.

“Patchouli Minéral DL was born out of a challenge: to modernize a very well-known perfumery ingredient, patchouli. This creation adds a fresh woody base to the legendary de Laire bases collection, using our remarkable quality of Patchouli Madagascar. A co-creation that explores new olfactive territories, carving Patchouli with Ambrostar® and Sympep®. Blurring the edges between wood and ambergris to craft a salty, mineral and intense new de Laire base,” perfumer Théo Belmas comments.

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