Symrise’s female leadership empowers their team to pay it forward

During the peak of the Covid-19 lockdown, many South Africans went hungry. It was these statistics that motivated the Symrise flavour division to investigate solutions that would assist in solving this problem. As part of their decode, design, deliver philosophy, the team went about engineering accessible solutions that could assist both customers and consumers. They decided to give customers tangible and convenient nutritive solutions, while they gave consumers a highly accessible way to guarantee that tummies were filled with tasty nutritious multi-purpose compounds. These compounds, available is several tasty variants, can be constituted into soups, gravies or used in stews. “It’s this versatility of usage occasion, along with convenience and affordability that allowed our customers to really offer consumers a product that works for them,” says Bettina Bicknell, marketing ,anager of Symrise SA. “A single kilogram of the compound can make 12l of soup. The opportunities to get tummies filled is super,’ says Bicknell.

Symrise team pays it forward
Symrise team pays it forward

For Symrise, a prominent market leader in the flavour and nutrition innovation space, with Head Quarters in Holzminden, Germany and sites all across the globe, the principle of ensuring a better tomorrow is a key founding value for the teams. As such, with the recent looting affecting so many communities with restricted or no access to food solutions, with the support of Symrise’s new MD Teresa Orlanov, the Symrise team were galvanised into action and took the generous step forward to manufacture 40 tons of the multi-purpose compound to assist the communities in need. In order to ensure this bulk production reached the right audience, Symrise partnered with SA Harvest to distribute the compound to their registered beneficiaries. “Contributing to our local communities in endeavours such as this, allow our flavours to be tasted by a wider audience and also helps provide dignity for communities that otherwise would go hungry during this time,”  said Sipho Ndara, production and warehouse manager at Symrise.

“To put that into perspective, 10 tons alone can make 120 000l of soup, which can feed nearly half a million people. Right now, we need to nurture and care for our communities. This Women’s Day, we need to embody our feminine nurturing characteristics as a business. We hope as a Symrise team, this brings comfort and dignity to those who need it most,” explains Ndara.

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