Syneon Chip saves power and time

Syneon Chip technology provides intelligently controlled energy for every project

Syneon Chip technology provides intelligently controlled energy for every project

The Syneon Chip is an intelligent electronic system that manages the perfect interaction between a Lithium-Ion battery, motor and gear. All Bosch cordless Lithium-Ion products with exchangeable battery from the Bosch DIY and Garden range now come standard with a Syneon Chip.

Bosch Lithium-Ion tools are engineered to fulfil user requirements, which have grown with industry developments to include lighter, higher performance tools with high-capacity batteries that need fewer charging breaks than before.

Bosch Power Tools SA DIY brand manager Robert Cameron-Smith states that the company has consolidated its position as a leader in Lithium-Ion powered tools with the Syneon Chip. “Our cordless tools with Syneon Chip technology provide intelligently controlled energy for every project.”

This ensures that every Lithium-Ion power tool from Bosch is able to deliver optimal power and maximum endurance for every application, as confirmed by an independent testing and certification institute. “Thanks to the Syneon Chip, Bosch was the test winner in all categories,” adds Cameron-Smith.

What’s more, Lauer highlights the fact that the cordless tools retain their full performance until the battery is empty, thereby giving users robust power right to the end. Bosch launched the first DIY tool powered by Lithium-Ion technology in 2004.

Cameron-Smith points out that competition has grown massively since then, with brands battling for supremacy of highest voltage and ampere hours, while ensuring that the strength of equipment and user requirements are not compromised in any way whatsoever.

“The real art of superior product engineering lies within the intelligent control of a tool’s energy, to offer best performance for every application. The Syneon Chip defines Bosch’s superiority in Lithium-Ion technology, and is an assurance of quality for our Lithium-Ion products. To our customers, this means less downtime. Using only the energy required to complete the precise task at hand reduces power use too, which is a tremendous benefit in the local market,” he concludes.

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