Innovative new watertight South African floor tile adhesive for high-traffic areas

TAL has a reputation for pioneering every type of floor tile fixing adhesive on the local market. Its launch of TAL Hybridfix is the latest specialized fit-for-purpose tiling installation solution, designed for composite PVC vinyl interlocking tile flooring.

TAL Hybridfix floor tile adhesive for shopr floor.

Hybrid problem solver

Made up of two components, this rigid polyurethane and epoxy-based, hybrid adhesive with enhanced substrate moisture tolerance, is specifically formulated for high-traffic areas such as supermarkets, where resilient interlocking PVC composite flooring is typically used to create a smooth, seamless floor.

A common problem, however, is that some tiles may lift or peak in moisture-exposed areas, for example, near refrigeration units or entrances. TAL Hybridfix adhesive seals the surface beneath and between tiles. Once cured, it becomes rock hard and watertight, preventing moisture build-up; essentially sealing tile ridges during installation when the tiles are knocked into place.

Hybridfix 2x rigid polyurethane and epoxy-based hybrid adhesive.

Advanced features:

· Highly suitable for substrates with elevated moisture.

· Resistant to moisture, shock, and vibration.

· Offers chemical resistance (once fully cured).

· Capable of bonding materials with different rates of expansion or contraction when subjected to temperature changes.

· Maintains the integrity and longevity of the floorcovering under heavy use, or in challenging environments.

The new floor adhesive is suitably designed for application onto concrete, screed, toppings, and underlayment compounds. Where required, TAL Screedmaster underlayment compound can be installed to achieve the required smooth, level finish suitable for the installation of the covering.

Available in a 5 litre, two-component kit, made up of a base and hardener, TAL Hybridfix is rapid setting, with an initial cure time of 12 hours before exposure to light foot-traffic, and 24 hours (at 20°C) before exposure to full-service conditions). Full cure and chemical resistance will be achieved after 7 days at 20°C and should be protected from exposure to cleaning agents and chemicals until fully cured.

The product is designed for application on commercial and retail flooring, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and sports facilities.

All TAL products are manufactured and tested in accordance with TAL procedures, which are maintained in line with Quality Control System Standard ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 45001:2018 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2018.

For advice or a detailed Materials and Methods Specification, contact the TAL Technical Advice Centre on 0860 000 TAL (825), or e-mail [email protected]. Branches: Gauteng (011) 206-9700; Cape (021) 386-1810; Natal (031) 579-2263

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