Taps That Don’t Leak

KOHLER Aleo & Aleo+ faucet.

Kohler Detent technology, which features in a number of ranges from Kohler taps, is designed to save up to 50% of water while still providing consumers with a world-class experience and the perfect balance of sustainability and luxury.

Did you know almost 1.5 billion gallons of water are lost per annum due to leaking faucets? The experts at Kohler have acknowledged this global crisis and, through innovative technology, have included Kohler Detent technology in their faucets to save up to 50% of water while still giving the user a world class experience. Kohler Detent Technology forms part of the company’s commitment to being a sustainable and luxurious brand, giving consumers all they need to embrace responsible, gracious living.

What is Kohler Detent Technology?

Kohler Detent Technology is an intermediate stop built into several of the faucet levers for a 50% water saving. This expertly designed technology offers consumers the opportunity to utilise the faucet in intermediate mode and full-flow modes.

Aleo & Aleo+

The Aleo and Aleo+ faucet ranges have the detent feature. Both mixers are easy to care for: the aerator on the end of the spout can be replaced without a speciality tool – in fact, they were designed to allow users to remove the aerator with a coin. The faucets are also easy to install and come with anti-twist hoses. Always striving for optimal performance while reducing water usage, Kohler engineered the faucets to be especially water-efficient (flow limited to five litres per minute).

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