Tech for your tanks

Water tank manufacturer JoJo Tanks has launched a remote water monitoring Smartphone application – JoJo Monitor.

JoJo has a history of innovation, since Jan Joubert, founder of JoJo, cooked plastic in his farm kitchen to pioneer roto-moulding of large plastic containers. Forty years later, JoJo still aims to be at the forefront of development that brings affordable solutions for domestic, agricultural and commercial water problems.

In September, South Africa’s largest water tank manufacturer, JoJo Tanks, who have been proactive in adding to their range of products as a holistic water solutions company, launched a remote water monitoring Smartphone application – JoJo Monitor. The application is already available on the Apple and Android stores.

In partnership with a local engineering company, JoJo has spent four years developing the remote water monitoring smartphone application and three IOT devices. JoJo IoT devices can monitor tank levels, measure water consumption, and detect water in places where you either do or don’t want water ponding. The first to be launched is the JoJo Tank level.

The JoJo Monitor application has an easy-to-use interface, which allows for user-defined alerts and set-up, using Bluetooth for the initial activation and testing, and live readings or real-time monitoring when within proximity of the device. Remote monitoring is carried out via the Sigfox network. Each device comes with a free 12-month subscription to Sigfox. Information can be shared among several users.

The JoJo tank level

The JoJo tank level is the first of the three devices that will be launched. The tank level uses radar, which makes the reading more accurate than ultrasound as it does not pick up the sides of the tank. “Put simply, remote level monitors allow the user to manage what they can’t see, namely the levels of water inside their tanks,” says Sebasti Badenhorst, Executive of sales and marketing for JoJo.

“The JoJo tank level device is easy to use and install on top of the JoJo tank. It has been designed to be flexible so that it can be used in most applications, or employed in scalable solutions to incorporate a collection of tanks. While it comes calibrated for the range of JoJo vertical, slimline and horizontal tanks, and also allows for interconnected tanks, the configuration can be customised for any tank,” says Badenhorst.

The app can be downloaded directly from the app store and is compatible with IOS, Google Play and Android platforms. The device is, like the JoJo Tank, developed in South Africa by JoJo and is supported by a local call centre.

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