Capture and match with novel cosmetics app

Techkon’s Catch Your Skin Tone app and the credit-card sized ColorChart are novel solutions for leading cosmetics and beauty brandsTechkon’s InnovationLab has developed a groundbreaking technology to capture real colours with mobile devices. Consumers can now get their individually matching product displayed on the smartphone – only a touch of a button away from purchasing it online.

The Catch Your Skin Tone app is based on Techkon’s ColorCatcher technology. It recommends the right product – for example a foundation – which matches the consumer´s skin tone perfectly.

How does it work? 

According to the company, the user places the credit-card sized ColorChart first on the forehead and captures the chart with the app-integrated camera mode. The same procedure is followed for the cheeks and chin. The app then generates an accurate colour value that corresponds to the right cosmetics. Additionally, harmonising colours or products and further functions such as online ordering and social sharing can be embedded. 

Big benefits 

A Techkon representative says ‘the advantages for cosmetics and fashion brands are obvious’. This technology bridges conventional commerce and e-commerce. It increases sales; decreases return rates; furnishes smart data about the consumer’s buying behaviour and strengthens the customer relationship.

Colour accuracy solutions 

The app premiered at this year’s innoCos summit in Madrid, which took place on 4 and 5 June. Techkon is a leading supplier for colour measurement and management solutions. Located close to Frankfurt in Germany with offices in Boston, USA, and Tokyo, Japan the company takes care of exact colour, ranging from quality control in cosmetics and packaging production to consumer-focused solutions.

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