Terraforce Project of the Year

In 2021, Terraforce started the ‘Best Terraforce Project of the Year’ Awards to recognise the excellent workmanship and manufacturing standards of their licensed partners and clients, highlighting the one that impressed them the most.

So far, two projects have received this award, namely the Salamanca Hospital in Spain for 2021, and Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 2022.

2021 winner, Salamanca Hospital, Spain

These four Terraforce L16 rock face finish walls – installed by Obre Tecnicas Y Medioambiente, a Spanish environmental engineering company specialised in the construction of reinforced soil structures – cover 2 300m² surface area, with a maximum height of 7.86m. 

Says Miguel Seller, Civil Engineer at Obre Tecnicas Y Medioambiente, “The main wall supports a new access road to the hospital, and in some sections special consideration had to be given to the placement of geogrids due to the presence of a large drainage pipe (2.5m in diameter) near the visible face of the wall.

“Another unique challenge was that we had to adapt the slope of the wall to meet another vertical wall. It was very complex from a topographical point of view. Another technical aspect to highlight is that part of the wall is in a floodplain area of the river Tormes, so in those cases a permeable soil was used as the reinforced soil, with better geotechnical characteristics.” 

Seller adds, “We used Huesker (Fortrac) geogrids with nominal tensions between 35 and 80 kN. The natural foundation ground was a slate soil, with 28º of internal friction, 10 kN/m2 of cohesion and 19.95 kN/m3 of specific weight. In the reinforced soil, we use a soil with 30º internal friction and a density of 20.00 kN/m3, of course without cohesion. 

The new road, Paseo de la Transición Española, adds a length of almost 600 meters to the existing road system and provides direct access to the hospital emergency zone. It also includes another central roundabout that allows access to the new hospital complex and future parking. Landscaping and a bicycle path are still to be completed. 

Without a doubt the result is pleasing to the eye, and the additional coping blocks, the fencing along the top, as well as the large rock strip lining the foot add an eye-catching visual dimension to the wall. 

Project Participants 

Client: Salamanca City Council, Spain 

Project Manager: Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Salamanca 

Main Contractor: Ferrovial Construcción

Sub Contractor: Obre Tecnicas Y Medioambiente 

Terraforce Licensed Manufacturer, Spain: Prensagra Prefabricados 


2022 winner, Dubai Silicon Oasis, United Arab Emirates

These long, up to six-meter-high Terraforce L16 rockface retaining walls were skilfully installed at Dubai Silicon Oasis in Dubai by Al Aamal Construction. The retaining walls were necessary due to the substantial differences in levels on site, and to provide access to a leisure area on ground level, with access stairs and ramps leading to the residences at top level. 

Says Sinan Awad, Al Aamal Construction, “The site consists of set-back and vertical walls, as well as 90-degree corners that were achieved by carefully cutting the Terraforce L16 rockface blocks. For additional stability, the blocks were concrete-filled, reinforced with rebar and we used double block rows with the rockface finish facing outwards either side for some of the vertical walls adjoining the two grand staircases and ramps. Where the walls joined other structures, dowels were used to secure the connections. In total, 41 100 Terraforce L16 and 2 000 Terraforce 4×4 Step blocks were installed on site.”

Overall, the fantastic multi-level corner details, inset planter boxes, ramps with rails and grand 4×4 Step block staircases make a notable visual statement and create effective breaks in what could have been a sheer and vast, grey surface otherwise.

Project Participants 

Client: Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

Engineering Consultant: .kce Consulting Engineers

Main Contractor: Water in Motion 

Sub Contractor: Al Aamal Construction

Terraforce Licensed Manufacturer, Dubai: Consent Concrete Products

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