The advantage of early quality and safety assessments of cosmetics

AUTHOR: Sanjay Talreja, Toxicologist – Intertek HERS India

Cosmetics cover a broad range of products that are heavily utilised by consumers around the world. A ‘cosmetic product’ is broadly defined as a substance used to clean, improve, or change the complexion, skin, hair, nails, or teeth whilst excluding any medical or biocidal function, and can include beauty preparations (makeup, perfume, skin cream, nail polish) and grooming aids (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant). Yet regulatory classification and management of products varies and must be determined by jurisdiction.

Generally, cosmetics are mixtures of chemical compounds derived from natural sources and often also composed of synthetic or artificial materials. A considerable investment into research and development, safety, production and marketing is required before cosmetics make it onto shelves for consumer use.

The importance of regulatory compliance

Due to their complexity, cosmetic products are strictly regulated in most of the major markets, including the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia/New Zealand. Safety is at the heart of all cosmetic regulations, and it is the responsibility of product developers, manufacturers, and distributors to ensure theirproducts comply with the relevant safety standards.

Like the classification and management of products, regulatory compliance is governed by both domestic and international authorities. Cosmetic manufacturers must adequately demonstrate and address quality and safety requirements throughout the development of the product in order to be sold in the marketplace. Due to the increasing number of regulations, this can be challenging to navigate at times; it is the role of a Safety Assessor to provide the required guidance and support.

Raw material qualification

As a leading industry expert in cosmetic safety assessments for several thousands of formulations, Intertek has observed that more can be done to improve the quality and safety of raw materials being used in finished products. The advantages of conducting a safety and quality review of raw materials within early stages of product development can result in improved procurement processes, reduced reformulation, and enhanced brand reputation. Intertek recommends its raw material qualification (RMQ) as an effective solution.

Intertek’s RMQ solution provides a total quality assurance approach to the pre-development of cosmetics for manufacturers that want to take safety and quality to the next level. Intertek’s RMQ complements the science of product formulation with the science of regulatory toxicology to ensure customers can be assured of total quality.

Expert advice to elevate brands globally

Intertek delivers expert advice and practical solutions through its global network of subject matter experts, who can optimise your company’s success and minimise risk through their broad expertise and experience. Its experts help customers resolve complex scientific and toxicological issues, develop scientific and strategic regulatory and compliance plans, and facilitate timely regulatory global approvals.

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