The best advice for maintaining roofs

Dulux Roofguard® is the ideal choice for long-lasting results that are aesthetically pleasing, render outstanding performance, and is better for our planet.  (Image: Supplied)

Out of sight, out of mind. Walls and colour take up most of our consideration when revamping a home or structure. The roof is sometimes neglected, yet important to the overall aesthetic appeal of a building. Dulux Roofguard® provides exceptional protection and offers a wide selection of well-established colours to complement a space from top to bottom.

Sunny and dry conditions are optimal for the application of roof paint to create a professional finish for cement roof tiles, fibre cement and galvanised iron rooftops. This is because roof paint films cure optimally under moderate climatic conditions.  

The ultimate protection

Protection against harsh ultraviolet rays (UV) and radiation is the most critical aspect of a high-performance roof coating.

Dulux prides itself in providing advanced technology to ensure that professionals obtain long-lasting results for maintenance or new roofs. Dulux Roofguard® offers Solarflex®, a unique blend of binders that offer maximum durability with advanced UV protection and excellent colour retention.

Exposure to pollution, hail and rain attracts dirt. This, along with protracted UV exposure, impacts the appearance of roof surfaces, leaving them looking dull and dusty. Dulux Roofguard offers the much-needed protection required for exterior roof surfaces.  

Preparation steps to a great rooftop

Ongoing weathering effects and the breakdown of the surface lead to one of the most common roof problems, namely leaking.

As adhesion bolsters the performance of roof coatings, the preparation of the roof surface before painting is key. Good preparation sets the foundation for good adhesion. When good preparation meets Dulux Roofguard®, a long-lasting, beautiful roof is a few paint strokes away.

Professional advice is recommended as technical expertise, and the associated sound application of a paint system enhances the results obtained.

  1. Repair

Repairing roof substrates builds the right foundation when painting.

  • Waterproofing

The need for separate waterproofing is removed when using Dulux Roofguard®. Not only is Dulux Roofguard® an exceptional roof paint but it also offers waterproofing properties when used with a membrane on flashings, roof joints, roof screws and parapet walls. A further advantage of using Dulux Roofguard® as water-proofer and paint is the certainty of colour matching between waterproofing coat and paintwork. This removes the risk of unsightly patchwork and ensures a uniform and professional finish.

  • Preparation of surface

Ensure that the surface is sound and free from dust, oil, grease, dirt, debris and rust.

  • Prime

Select the primer relevant for the roof surface type and condition. Dulux® offers a broad range of primers specifically designed to enhance the paint system performance.

It is advised that Dulux Roofguard® is applied within two days after roof preparation. The Dulux Roofguard® formula is APEO-free and deemed safe for water harvesting for non-potable use.

Dulux Roofguard® is the ideal choice for long-lasting results that are aesthetically pleasing, render outstanding performance, and is better for our planet.  Dulux Roofguard® is available in 5L and 20L packs in Cottage White, Abbey Lane, Atlantic Blue, Basic Black, Brazilian Brown, Grecian Grey, Green Felt, Heritage Green, Quail, Red Jasper, Red Rock, Reddened Clay, Tuscan Orange and Wild Plum.  

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