The Duram Off-White Colour Collection

Introducing the Off-White Colour Collection, a range of 16 gentle paint colours from Duram. (image: Supplied)

Crisp. Clean. Serene. Introducing the Off-White Colour Collection, a range of 16 gentle paint colours from Duram.

This timeless collection takes inspiration from nature as well as growing interior design trends incorporating softer colours like stone whites and beige tones, creating a calm, serene and centred presence in the home. Off-Whites differ only slightly from a pure white in that they embody the simplicity of white without the starkness.

Duram has carefully formulated this array of paint colours to help create bright and inviting spaces and to elevate homes. The range includes eight warm tones and eight cool tones, with the name of each colour being inspired by the natural habitats of South Africa. Explore the tranquillity of Churchhaven Rest or admire the vast beauty of Pelican Wing.

The warm tones create a warm and welcoming feeling in rooms that don’t receive much natural light. The subtle radiance of these whites draws in walls and softens spaces, whereas the cool tones are perfect for any room that already receives natural lighting. They neutralise this warmth and bring a fresh, crisp look that opens up the room.

Versatile enough to work in any interior or exterior, these warm and cool shades create the illusion of space, soften or enhance architectural edges, and evoke a sense of rest and sophistication. Beautifully nuanced, Off-White shades may look different depending on their finish, the lighting and the colours that surround them.

Duram’s Off-White colours are the Perfect Neutral for any space, acting as a harmonious canvas to complement various décor styles.

Please visit the paint tinting counter at your local hardware store or visit Duram’s website for more information.

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