The evolution of Aerolite

Aerolite Soft Touch ceiling insulation is now yellow in appearance, more natural and softer to touch

The Aerolite evolution is here, with a new name, look and feel. Aerolite Soft Touch ceiling insulation is now yellow in appearance, more natural and softer to touch.

A chemical pink dye was removed from the product, rendering a more sustainable thermal and acoustic solution to your home. There were various plant improvements, process improvements, as well as additives added to the product to create a softer and easier-to-handle insulation.

While all these innovative modifications have been made to the product, its performance has not been compromised.

The key benefits of Aerolite Soft Touch:

Softer and simpler to install

Now softer to touch, easier to cut and handle, and simpler to install. Aerolite Soft Touch has better binder and fibre control, creating less dust when moving and installing the product.

Better insulation = greater savings

Aerolite Soft Touch continues to save you money on your electricity bills as heat is retained in the winter, and it reduces the need for cooling in the summer (eliminating the need for electronics to provide comfort and reducing the impact or influence on the environment and energy consumption).The Energy Efficiency Regulation is applicable to all new buildings and extensions and since 2011 has included the compulsory installation of thermal insulation in certain occupancy classes. Aerolite meets the SANS 10400-XA-2021 national building regulation requirements to provide the best thermal and acoustic comfort.

Environmentally friendly recycled glasswool

Made using up to 80% recycled glass, naturally occurring silica sand and fluxing agents that is manufactured to form glasswool, Aerolite Soft Touch traps pockets of air between the fibres, providing excellent insulation against hot and cold temperatures. Furthermore, it contains no asbestos, doesn’t emit toxic fumes, is bio-soluble and has a Class III rating by the World Health Organisation.

Does not burn or spread fire

Adding to its thermal and acoustic properties, effective insulation literally adds a layer of safety to your home. Aerolite Soft Touch is non-combustible, it does not burn when exposed to fire, and will not spread flames or spontaneously combust.

Compressed roll, same great coverage

Once the packaging is cut, the compression pack unrolls itself and recovers to its correct thickness within 24 to 48 hours. This means easier handling, savings on transportations costs and on storage space.

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