The evolution of kitchen storage: From chaos to order

Blum introduces the Blum SPACE TOWER with MERIVOBOX, the newest addition to their range of box systems.

In the ever-evolving world of architecture and the design of interior space, Blum understands the perpetual need for innovative solutions. As a manufacturer dedicated to advancing the frontiers of functionality and aesthetics, they introduce the timeless excellence of the Blum SPACE TOWER with MERIVOBOX, the newest addition to their range of box systems. This pantry solution continues to revolutionise how you approach kitchen storage, setting new standards in both form and function.

The kitchen has transitioned from a mere cooking area to the nucleus of modern homes, where life unfolds, culinary creativity thrives, and families gather. Blum recognises that your designs must not only be visually stunning but also highly functional, and that’s where the SPACE TOWER comes into play.

Imagine a kitchen where cluttered, hard-to-reach shelves are replaced by a masterpiece of organisation. The SPACE TOWER has been meticulously engineered to provide seamless access to everyday essentials like bread, cereal, sugar, pasta, rice, oils and condiments. No more digging into dark corners or pulling out the entire pantry to find that one ingredient.

What sets the SPACE TOWER apart is its ingenuity. The drawers open individually, allowing easy access from the front and both sides. Every item, no matter how deep in the drawer, can be retrieved effortlessly. The clear visibility of contents ensures that your clients will never lose track of what they have on hand. Furthermore, these drawers are not merely elegant; they can effortlessly accommodate substantial loads of up to 70kg.

Blum understands that your projects vary in size and layout, and that’s why they’ve designed the SPACE TOWER to be adaptable. It can be tailored to fit spaces ranging from 300mm to 1200mm in width, making it suitable for any kitchen, whether cozy or expansive. For those seeking further organisation, consider an inner dividing systems such as AMBIA-LINE, allowing you to customise each SPACE TOWER to suit your unique design vision.

As architects and designers of interior space, you are the visionaries who transform spaces into living works of art. The SPACE TOWER is Blum’s contribution to your creative journey, a solution that seamlessly merges form and function. It empowers you to craft kitchens that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also effortlessly practical.

Blum invites you to explore the limitless possibilities of the Blum SPACE TOWER in your future projects. With its unmatched versatility and ergonomic design, it promises to raise the bar for kitchen storage, satisfying your clients and enhancing your reputation as a design innovator.

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