The importance of the WOODOC Three Coat Sealer System 

When using the Woodoc Sealer, there are fundamental steps that need to be adhered to. The article will outline the importance of applying three coats and how this is beneficial at the end. 

It is very important to always apply three coats of Woodoc Sealer.

The first coat of Woodoc Sealer penetrates, binds with the wood, and nourishes it. The second coat penetrates, binds with the first and starts the surface finish. The third coat binds with the first two and completes the protection of the wood with the surface finish required, eg matt/semi-gloss or gloss.

Three coats of correctly applied Woodoc Sealers become part of the wood and build up on the surface to form a protective surface coating.

It is important to calculate exactly how much Woodoc Sealer you will need for a project. The best way to do this is to divide the total square metres by 3,3. The answer = the total number of litres of sealer you will need for three proper coats on that surface. More product will be used on the first penetrating coat than on the second and third coat, but always make sure that you use the full quantity on the surface.

Woodoc Sealers are designed and formulated to work in specific environments and provide specific protective qualities. For example: Exterior sealers will protect exterior wood from the weather, like the damaging effects of sunlight and rain. Interior sealers will protect interior wood from abrasion, scratches, chemicals, stains and foot traffic on a floor. In every instance the coating needs to be thick enough to withstand the environment in which it is used. The application of the sealer should not be judged on whether it looks good enough (appearance), but on the film thickness to prevent premature failure. Three coats of correctly applied Woodoc Sealer will result in the appropriate film thickness, optimising the physical and protective properties of the sealer.

Problems with coating performance often occur when insufficient sealer is applied. To optimise the protective properties of a Woodoc Sealer, apply three coats.

While Woodoc Sealers are applied for their aesthetic appearance, the goal is often protection of the wood substrate. When three coats of the Woodoc Sealer are applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the correct dry-film thickness and optimal performance are achieved.

When proper coverage is not achieved in exterior conditions, it will leave the wood vulnerable to degradation by exposure to UV-rays (sunlight) or other environmental effects. Maintenance will then have to be done sooner than if proper coverage was achieved.

If you try to stretch the coverage of the Woodoc Sealer by diluting the product, the result will be a film thickness that is below the acceptable threshold for performance. Apply three coats of undiluted Woodoc Sealer to achieve the correct dry-film thickness and ultimate performance.

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