The Ingco story

By providing professional, quality tools at an affordable price, Ingco Tools is bringing new opportunities to retailers and end users alike.

Ingco Tools

When Angelo Angelos became managing director at Skillcraft in August 2017, little did the retail market know what was about to be unleashed in the hardware industry. Ingco was one of the brands in the Skillcraft range of products and Angelo listened to his gut that this was a range worthy of more attention. 

He travelled to China to meet with the principal and immediately recognised the potential of the brand for South Africa. He was so convinced, that the company changed from being a traditional wholesaler to becoming the sole distributor in the country for Ingco Tools. 

Professional tools made affordable.

It is now five years later and the Ingco success story is evident. Ingco displays take pride of place in most hardware retail outlets. The company has had to move to larger premises in both Johannesburg and Cape Town to accommodate its increased retail operations. 

During lockdown, Ingco moved to City Deep, Johannesburg and the Cape Town warehouse has recently moved to Montague Gardens, a 3000m2 property – a big leap from its previous 750m2

According to Angelo, Skillcraft’s success can be attributed to the motivation he got from Ray Krok, the man behind the success of the McDonalds franchises, who cited opportunity as the main reason for investing in a McDonald’s franchise. Angelo says, “Sure we sell impact drills, measuring tapes, pliers, paint brushes and gardening tools. We have a comprehensive range of power tools, hand tools and accessories. Yes, we offer a one-stop-shop and yes, we offer a complete hardware solution, but more importantly, we offer an opportunity to our customers (retailers) and their customers (consumers). 

Ingco Tools – tools for every job.

• An opportunity to succeed 

• An opportunity to grow 

• An opportunity to gain 

• An opportunity to be the best, 

• An opportunity to improve their lives and those of their employees and families.“ 

“The Ingco story is a real opportunity, and these are rare – It’s a once in a lifetime chance for all of us and our customers,” says Angelo. 

Ingco had the courage and foresight to pitch against the biggest brands in the world and through its excellent research and development, its access to the best manufacturing and assembly plants, the company was able to realise its dream of making professional, quality tools affordable. It is this that has created the once in a lifetime opportunity for those choosing to invest in the Ingco brand.

A good example is that consumers can now afford professional tools. Where previously they could only afford one premium quality tool, users can now buy two or even three tools, which in turn means they can simultaneously tackle more jobs, resulting in employment creation opportunities. 

From drilling to spraypainting.

“The recognition of the opportunities that the Ingco brand provides, coupled with the enthusiastic sales team, great merchandising and after sales service, has been key to the success of the company and the brand will continue to grow,” says Angelo.

From spraypainting to log cutting
Ingco Tools
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