The launch of Mac Care high tech healthcare products

Mac Brothers Mac Care logo, suppliers of hospital and mortuary equipmentThe recent SAFHE exhibition in Cape Town became the launchpad to introduce our new MAC CARE range of stainless steel Hospital Sanitary Ware and Mortuary Equipment.

Medical Sanitary Ware:

Mac Brothers consulted with healthcare practitioners, engineers and architects and it became clear that a major re-engineering would be required to meet aspired infection and safety standards in surgical theatres and wards.

The new product ranges are produced using the very high tech equipment used by Mac Brothers to produce a leading brand in the catering industry. It required more than just a laser cutter to produce the new range. At Mac Brothers, we made use of two fibre optic lasers cutters and a very unique fully automated panel bender to mention but a few. The technology required in sheet metal production differs quite a lot from other stainless steel products where pressing technology is used to produce a required outcome. To view our factory, please click

Some of the new innovations include:

scrub unit

Surgeon Scrub Unit

slop hopper with grid

Slop hopper with closing grid

New Surgeon Scrub unit with sloped edges for improved hygiene. Sensors were added to the scrub sink to make it hands-free where required. (Elbow action mixers remain an option) . All exposed areas are fully closed to prevent the collection of waste.

New slop hopper with closing grid was added to the range upon request by clients to improve hygiene.

We are committed to new developments and further new designs are work in progress

Pathology and Mortuary Products:

Our existing range of body racks and body tray designs have been revised to improve maintenance issues. Removable rollers provide access to the body rack system for ease of cleaning. The Mac Care body lifting trolleys have also been introduced and available as mechanical or battery operated.

Down Draft Ventilation:

Downdraft Ventilated Dissection table

Downdraft Ventilated Dissection table

Downdraft Ventilated Dissection table Autopsy Table

Autopsy Table

This technology aimed at providing safe working space in pathology applications requires extraction to provide a safe working space above the cadaver.

As such, Mac Brothers entered into a license agreement with a leading UK company to produce a range of Downdraft Ventilated Pathology tables, Specimen tables, dissection tables and staining tables used in laboratory applications. All Locally Produced Products comply with European performance and engineering standards. Engineering standards were made possible with the R30m investment in sheet metal manufacturing at the Cape Town factory and the company offers Turnkey solutions.

The new draft tables attracted huge interest at the SAFHE exhibition due to the quality of design and manufacture. Interest on the dissection table attracted more than 1k interests on a global basis.


New Paediatric Burns Unit opens at Ngwelezane Hospital, KZN

Ngwelezane Hospital new burns unit KZN

Photograph courtesy of M-Net Publicity

The Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust has prioritised the upliftment of paediatric facilities and services for trauma and burns patients at Ngwelezane Hospital, where the wards were seriously dilapidated and under-resourced.

Ngwelezane Hospital reception area

Photograph courtesy of M-Net Publicity

Previously, all paediatric burns and trauma cases at Ngwelezane Hospital were treated in the Adult Burns Ward, which allocated 21 of its 38 beds for younger patients. Burns patients require very intense and specialised care to avoid potentially fatal infections and, in most cases, skin grafts are needed to repair the damaged tissue.


Hospital Design Group Architects ( HDG)In co-operation with Hospital Design Group Architects ( HDG), Mac Brothers donated shelving to the project to the value of R145k towards the project.

Karolina Andropoulos from Carte Blanche: “In order to realise our ambitious goals, the Carte Blanche Making a Difference Trust was able to forge further partnerships with Sakhiwo Infrastructure Solutions and architects and the Hospital Design Group, to create a brand new 22-bed Paediatric Burns Unit. Even with this tremendous support, the realisation of this project would not have been possible without enormous support from an additional thirty plus donors, who provided building materials and medical equipment to ensure its success. “

The Shelving for the project was produced using a “State-of-the-Art Salvagnini “ fully automated panel bender at the Mac brothers factory. An expensive and unique panel bender

that produces all precision bends and a safety edge. It truly differentiates Mac Brothers from other producers and due to the mechanised process, there is a significant cost reduction.

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