The next generation in biotech and cell and gene manufacturing

Werum is launching a new version of its market-leading PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System (MES): PAS-X 3.2. It will be globally available in January 2020 and can be ordered from today. It covers, in particular, biopharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy manufacturing as these fast-growing industries rely heavily on efficient digital processes.

Reduced total cost of ownership

‘The main benefit for our customers is a reduced total cost of ownership thanks to, for instance, web start deployment, less administration effort as well as better update and upgrade capabilities,’ says Olivier Néron, senior head of Product Management PAS-X 3.2, Werum IT Solutions. ‘We significantly enhance the user experience through integration of day-to-day technologies such as biometric authentication and the possibility to use PAS-X anywhere with any screen size. Our new PAS-X 3.2 is best suited to create the fully networked, automated and smart Pharma 4.0 biotech factory of the future.’

Werum IT solutions operator
Werum is launching a new version of its market-leading PAS-X Manufacturing Execution System (MES): PAS-X 3.2

Improved functionality

Werum has also added new functionality such as custom attributes. These allow the extension of master data information for material and equipment as well as master data elements that now all have a lifecycle and a version. New units of measure can easily be created within the system. Existing functionality like material flow has also been improved. Approval workflows for releasable MBR elements are easier and more flexible than before. Equipment management and warehouse management have been extended to optimise daily operator guidance and experience.

Legacy technologies have been decommissioned and substituted by up-to-date, light-weight HTML5 technologies. Deployment of PAS-X 3.2 will be facilitated using containers powered by Docker. For better maintenance, the application is now based on a micro-service architecture with binary delivery.

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