The perfect strike with Strike-Arc

Welding is a very dynamic and growing industry and with the improvement in welding technology, machines have become easier to use, more portable and affordable.  

This has caused a big shift towards lighter industrial use and more DIY enthusiasts buying welding equipment.  More and more individuals are starting with their own projects and it is also a good start-up business idea. 

One of the oldest and most well-known welding processes is known as ‘stick welding.’ Welders perform stick welding by creating an electric arc between the workpiece and metal electrode. The electric current that goes through the electrode melts it so that a weld pool is formed on the workpiece.  

Agrinet recognises the market need for an affordable range of welding and cutting machinery and accessories. The Strike-Arc range has been developed to appeal to the DIY enthusiast, farmers, small scale industrial operations and small welding contractors by providing more portable, easy-to-use welding machines that possess the latest welding technology. 

The Strike-Arc range offers a carefully curated range of stick welding products. Strike-Arc is welding brand, specially developed by Agrinet, through a joining force philosophy, which combines, but never compromises between, all the qualities that are important to users of welding products – quality, affordability, technology and innovation. 

All Strike-Arc products are sourced with the following principles/checklist in mind: 

• World-class manufacturing technologies and systems 

• A-level factory rating 

• Latest technology and extensive R&D capabilities 

• Rigorous quality checks, control processes and tracking systems at each point in the manufacturing process 

• Tailor-made design capabilities and services 

• Proven track record 

• International certifications standards. 

The Strike-Arc range consists of five welder models, a range of welding accessories including helmets, electrodes, MIG wire, gloves and more. A top-quality plasma cutter is also part of the range. 

Strike-Arc is exclusively available from Agrinet. For more information on the Strike-Arc range of welders and accessories visit 

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