New entrant to develop and support cosmetics industry entrepreneurs

The Personal Care Coach and Training Company is a new venture by well-known industry expert Robyn Brown. Through her work in the cosmetics industry, she has identified the need for a venture that is focused on developing and supporting emerging small cosmetics and skin care businesses.

Brown describes the Personal Care Coach and Training Company as a one-stop shop for aspiring skin care and cosmetic entrepreneurs and businesses. There are two sides to the company: to supply ingredients and raw materials; and to provide advice and accredited training.

Botanichem's Robyn Brown, who is launching the Personal Care Coach and Training Company
Robyn Brown, founder of the Personal Care Coach and Training Company

“The concept is to provide support to small- and medium-size enterprises that want access to the same quality cosmetic actives, ingredients and raw materials as their larger counterparts,” says Brown.

The Personal Care Coach focuses on supplying these ingredients in smaller pack sizes that are affordable and accessible to start-ups and SMMEs who do not require large quantities. The company is also planning to create “kits” for popular skin care and personal care products for those who do not have experience in formulating.

Training, education and skills development

The other side of the company is to provide information and advice on the basic principles of formulation and skin care production to industry newcomers. Ultimately, the view is to launching certified training courses for compounders, formulators and entrepreneurs.

“Over the years, through my work and interaction with entrepreneurs, I have seen firsthand the need within the cosmetic industry for an accredited course that will provide new and existing role players with the opportunity to learn how to make cosmetics,” she explains.

The training courses will offer those who either do not have any other cosmetic and toiletry training or do not qualify for other courses currently available, the opportunity to improve their skills and get an accredited qualification.

The basics of formulation; what equipment to use and how to use it are subjects that will be covered during the courses. The Personal Care Coach and Training Company expects to be up and running by the end of March. For more information, please send Robyn Brown a WhatsApp message on +27 (0)84 599 0063.

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