The Personal Touch In Carpet Design

The three new patterns in the Belgotex Touch Design collection

The three new patterns in the Belgotex Touch Design collection

Belgotex Floors offer the personal touch in carpet design with an expanded collection of customisable carpets.

Two new collections, Touch Design and the African Collection have both been incorporated into the Tuftweave custom program.

Touch Design is a collection of luxurious patterned tufted carpets available ex stock, ideal for smaller upgrades or refurbishments in the hospitality and corporate sector.

Three abstract patterns in five standard colours offer detailed design and colour definition in popular neutral shades, with four additional non-stocking colours for a bolder, brighter selection.

Minimum quantities don’t apply so if you choose from the standard colours you can expect delivery within 24 – 48 hours.

The Touch Design patterns are: Connection, Vibrance, Continuum, Direction, Rhythm, Tradition, Progress and Experience


This smudgy “marble” effect is designed to be interesting to the eye whilst adding texture and depth on the floor and effectively hiding soiling. The patterned colour placement of stainproof SDX yarn produces a modern, delicate design that combines style with performance, ideal for luxury boutiques, presidential suites and exclusive members-only establishments.


This modern, conceptual design produced by fine patterned colour placement provides a canvas for elegant expression and open interpretation. The arty equivalent to abstract paintings, this tufted broadloom carpet is both sophisticated and practical, thanks to its Stainproof SDX constitution.

Sixth Sense

The graphic “vector” styling is designed for a formal, yet fashionable foundation in offices or reception areas. Detailed patterned colour placement produces the linear “co-ordinate” designs combining cut and loop pile, drawing your eye down the longitudes and across the latitudes of vectors to where fashion and function intersect. Made from Stainproof SDX for superior wear and colour clarity, this tufted broadloom carpet is the conservative alternative in the luxurious “Touch Design” collection.

The African Collection offers a variety of “wilder” patterns and colours that celebrate Africa’s cultural heritage – ideal for lodges, boutique hotels and resorts. Expanding Tuftweave’s design library of over 150 designs, the African Collection includes eight ranges featuring traditional shapes and patterns to more contemporary interpretations. Each pattern tells a vibrant story, conveyed through symbolism and abstract designs that represent the contrasting landscapes and diversity of this colourful continent.

As a sample of Africa’s ancient art and craft traditions, including weaving, basketry and murals, the collection celebrates the decorative and aesthetic influence of the continent on modern fashion and design:

  • Connection – features a continuous link depicting the abstract concept of connection and togetherness
  • Vibrance – inspired by traditional handcrafted textiles featuring eccentric geometric shapes applied to woven cloth through appliqué and embroidery
  • Continuum – a suggestion of the continuum from traditional to contemporary through the intersection of striking horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines with dynamic colourful forms
  • Direction – a subdued form of African geometry including the typical chevron of ancient mural art. Celebrates the traditional within the context of present
  • Rhythm – wave-like motion of form and colour advancing and receding, creating strong optical vibrations that depict the African landscape
  • Tradition – diamonds, zigzags, chevrons and triangles represent a strong sense of order and structure often seen in traditional beadwork, basketry and adornment
  • Progress – inspired by African textiles sewn together to create vibrant, complex and colourful linear forms. Composed primarily of lines contrasted against empty forms
  • Experience – mathematical and geometric symbolism representing the evolution of ancient values of family, integrity, respect and harmony

Both Belgotex collections are made from Stainproof SDX yarn to ensure carpets remain colourfast and stain-resistant, and able to withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. The standard colour bank of SDX has been broadened from 18 solid colours to 50 shades, while the complementary colour bank features 300 additional shades. The patented SilverCare anti-bacterial treatment eliminates dustmites and odours for the life of the floor.

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